Joe Biden stood on stage for the first presidential debate and barely survived the encounter.

Biden looked frail and his answers rambled and did not enlighten voters as to what he would do as President.

And now Devin Nunes said there is one dangerous question no one is asking Joe Biden.

The day after the debate, Congressman Devin Nunes appeared on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria.”

Nunes expressed his frustration to host Maria Bartiromo that it was up to Donald Trump to bring up Joe Biden and his family’s corruption in Ukraine and Russia.

The California Congressman told Bartiromo it was absurd that Biden could falsely accuse President Trump of involvement with Russia when a report from the chairman of the Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees accused Hunter Biden of accepting a $3.5 million dollar payment from the wife of the ex-mayor of Moscow.

“You had Biden still last night accusing Trump of having something to do with Russia, and meanwhile, no one in the mainstream media, including last night, pushed for Biden to answer the question,” Nunes began.“You’ve been attacking Trump and Republicans for having something to do nefarious with Russia for four years now, and he won’t answer why his son took $3.5 million from a well-known Russian oligarch with ties to Putin. It’s simply amazing that he was not pushed to answer that question.”

Nunes wondered why it should be up to Donald Trump – and not the media –to ask Joe Biden tough questions.

“Once again … Donald Trump had to bring this up last night directly to Joe Biden because no one’s asking Biden the questions of what’s his involvement,” Nunes continued.

The simple answer is that the fake news media hates Donald Trump and supports Joe Biden.

All politicians should get tough questions.

But reporters don’t want to ask difficult questions to elicit information from the President to convey to the public so much as debate the President and yell at him.

The press will claim they are presenting “reality” and not being oppositional, but every question from the media lines up with a Democrat Party talking point and is asked from the framing perspective of the Democrat Party.

When so-called journalists get a rare opportunity to question Joe Biden, they ask such questions like why he isn’t angrier at Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump raised the issue of Hunter Biden’s corruption.

The fake news media smeared Donald Trump as acting like a bully.

That’s because the goal isn’t to fairly evaluate the candidates or deliver the truth to the American people.

The goal is to protect Joe Biden long enough to allow him to win the election.

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