transgender teenWhile most 14 year old boys would be thrilled to receive the latest video game or a new football, Corey was excited to receive estrogen patches… from his mother.

According to Elite Daily, Corey didn’t “know he was a girl” until the 5th grade when he watched a YouTube video with his mother of a transgender star. After seeing the video, Corey decided he too wanted to become a woman.

Instead of taking him to a psychologist, she encouraged his confused behavior by taking him to a counselor who specializes in working with “transgender children,” further traumatizing the young boy.

Corey’s mother not only gave her son estrogen patches, she posted his reaction on YouTube for the world to see.

His mother said:

“I want people to watch this video, and see the the raw emotion of a transgender child that can finally live her lief the way she feels inside. I want people to see this, because maybe it will open their eyes… to anyone who’s different. Maybe make them realize that people who are transgender are people just like them…

 We all just want to be loved and accepted by others, and that is all I want for my daughter, to be loved and accepted for who she is inside.”

Since the time Corey was 11, his mother encouraged him so start “living as a girl.” After he first watched the video, his mother allowed him to start dressing like a girl, and even gave him a $21,000 puberty-suppressing implant… which Buzzfeed reports the family’s insurance paid for!

World Net Daily reports:

“The young boy had already been given a “puberty suppressing implant,” and was eager to start a rigorous estrogen routine, which would stunt his physical maturation, infuse harmful chemicals into his growing body, interfere with his development, and create the synthetic facade of femininity.

 Estrogen is particularly important for (real) women because it thickens the lining of the uterus, enabling the implantation of fertilized eggs. Interestingly, no “trans woman” has ever, will ever, or can ever have eggs to fertilize or a uterus to implant them in. Men do have some estrogen naturally, but high levels of the hormone put them at a considerable risk for heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and other serious side effects.

 I guess that’s a fatal chance Corey’s mother and doctors are willing to take.”

And of course, the liberal media took to the Internet to praise Corey’s mom.  MTV even called her “mom of the year”.

Parents are supposed to protect their children from harm and train them to make healthy choices (Proverbs 22:6).

Instead of protecting young Corey, his mother has led him down a path that will lead to confusion and despair.

One can only pray that the emotional and psychological damage she has inflicted on her child won’t destroy his life. Hopefully, young Corey will come to see the light and get the help he needs before it is too late.