Democrats contested the third congressional special election of the Trump era.

They were desperate for a victory.

But when the votes were counted, the left suffered another defeat which left them questioning if they could even win again.

Every time there is a special election, the so-called “mainstream” media plays it up as a referendum on Donald Trump.

They push the narrative that a defeat will spell the end of Trump and that he might as well resign before Democrats take power and impeach him.

But in every one of these elections, the Democrats have lost.

That was true again in Montana.

In the election to replace Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, Republican Greg Gianforte was running against Democrat Rob Quist.

Quist was a lunatic Bernie Sanders supporter who believed gun owners should register with the federal government and who performed music at a nudist resort that welcomed children.

The media believed the race turned in Quist’s favor when the night before Election Day, Gianforte allegedly body slammed Ben Jacobs, a reporter with The Guardian.

Journalists summoned every ounce of their self-righteousness to try and swing the election to Quist, but Montana voters were unfazed.

Many Republican voters are sick of the frenzied anti-Trump media and are fed up with the self-aggrandizing media making themselves the heroes of a story where they try and take out Donald Trump.

Reporters were stunned to find they were loathed, but did not question why so many Americans hate them.

Gianforte also won the election in the face of a media narrative that Trump was a political anchor dragging the GOP under a sweeping Democratic tide.

That could not have been further from the truth.

Gianforte wrapped his arms around Trump and embraced him at every turn.

Politico reported that supporting Trump was key to his victory:

Trump was an asset, not a drag.

Donald Trump won Montana by 21 points in November, and Gianforte — then running for governor — lost by 4. But this time around, Gianforte wrapped himself as close to the president as possible, despite Democrats’ insistence that Trump’s low approval ratings and constant White House turmoil will be a drag on GOP candidates nationwide.

Campaigning with Vice President Mike Pence and Donald Trump Jr., relying on last-second robocalls from the president and Pence, using Trump’s campaign slogans — all of it worked to Gianforte’s advantage.

“Everything I see is that Greg Gianforte is trying to make him completely front-and-center. He might have muttered his name once or twice when he was running against me and now he wants to ‘drain the swamp’ and says, ‘I want to be with Trump every step of the way,'”  said the state’s Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock on Wednesday — nearly seven months after he himself defeated Gianforte…

…For Gianforte, the biggest applause lines of his Thursday night speech came when he mentioned Trump and used his “drain the swamp” slogan. Local Republicans dismissed the idea that the president could drag Gianforte to defeat as preposterous.