Liberals have somehow come up with the idea that they will be leading a “resistance” in the government, yet so far, have done nothing to make changes.

Their party is currently in shambles, and any hope of unifying to bring about the change they claim they will fight for seems completely futile.

However, the Democratic Party is initiating a summer camp program of sorts that will train their children and members how to protest President Trump and Republican policies.

In another laughable liberal scheme, the Democratic National Committee recently announced the summer camp program for aspiring members who want to be trained to “stand up to Republican policies”.

Breitbart News writes:

“There has been an explosion of activism and energy after the election of Donald Trump, and we need to turn this moment into a movement, DNC chairman Tom Perez is quoted in the press release announcing the plan. “As the Democratic Party, it is our role to support this activism and energy, and convert it into electoral wins up-and-down the ballot by making sure state parties have the tools and resources they need to succeed.”

While the DNC’s summer camp idea seems like just another useless attempt to unify their broken party, the infuriating aspect of it is that they are hemorrhaging money from federal grants to fund the workshops.

Breitbart News reports:

The program is a competitive matching grant program, where the DNC will approve and fund programs that will be executed by state parties,” the press release states. “Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective, each grant proposal will be unique to the state’s strategic priorities and organizational capacity.

“Part of these plans must incorporate, where legally possible, partners and allies,” the press release states.

The “summer camp” ordeal has been credited as a start

To the liberal “resistance”, as liberals were instructed to start using “#resistance” when referring to the camps.

DNC Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison is the Democratic leader in charge of organizing the #Resistance camps, and claims that the intended purpose is to organize as a Democratic group and fight for the policies they want.

Ironically, many of the demands of the Democratic Party are in line with President Trump’s campaign promises.

Breitbart News continues:

The best way for Democrats to turn the #Resistance into electoral wins is by doing one thing: organizing,” Ellison said. “Resistance Summer is the starting point and will take the Democratic Party’s message of fairness and equality to activists on the front lines and all Americans looking to get engaged.”

Then Ellison, ironically, names some of the reasons President Donald Trump was elected:

“The American people want affordable health care for all, good jobs that pay well, and a tax code that rewards hard work,” Ellison said, adding that Democrats “have never had a better opportunity to win up-and-down the ballot.”

Ultimately, hosting Resistance summer camps will only lead to one thing: Wasting taxpayer’s money on a useless cause.

If only liberal groups would direct their efforts towards helping all Americans, and not just themselves, perhaps the change needed for all of us could be made, not just the ones liberals have on their agendas.

For now, President Trump is working on policies that benefit all Americans, regardless of their affiliations.

Would you send your child to a “resistance” camp?

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