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Donald Trump and his supporters just found out some bad news.

Democrats have no intention of conceding defeat in this November’s election.

And Democrats have this secret plan for civil war if Trump wins in November.

In 2016, Democrats claimed Donald Trump attacked the legitimacy of the election by refusing to say if he would acknowledge defeat.

Trump wisely avoided the trap Democrats were setting by demanding Trump admit he was going to lose the election ahead of time to depress his voter turnout.

And in fact, it was Hillary Clinton and the Democrats that would not accept the result as legitimate and spent the last four years spinning conspiracy theories to try and end the Trump presidency.

In 2020, Democrats are trying to repeat this trick claiming Trump will barricade himself in the White House and claim the election was fraudulent because of mail-in voting.

But like in 2016, the Democrats are projecting and the truth is, the left is guilty of everything they accuse Donald Trump of doing.

Hillary Clinton declared that Joe Biden should not concede defeat in the election no matter what.

In a speech where Joe Biden set out to condemn rioting and looting, Biden threatened the American people that his voters would continue to lay siege to American cities unless voters elected him President.

Now prominent Democrats are already war gaming out the aftermath of the 2020 election if the vote is close.

And left-wing propagandist Ronald Brownstein of The Atlantic wrote that the left is planning all-out riots in the streets and a “color revolution” like in Eastern Europe to unleash mayhem and violence to bully states into declaring Joe Biden the winner of the election.

Brownstein wrote that “Adam Green, a co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, another group participating in postelection planning, told me that he can ‘guarantee’ that ‘we will not have asymmetric warfare this time around. We won’t have litigation on the left and thuggery and election disruption on the right.’ If Trump tries to stop the counting of mail-in ballots after Election Day, or otherwise tries to short-circuit the results, Green predicts, the scale of protests would be that of ‘the Black Lives Matter protests on steroids, as people come into the streets to defend their democracy and to defend the counting of votes.’”

In the piece, Brownstein claims Democrats thought Republicans outmaneuvered them in the 2000 recount by holding rallies while Democrats focused on court cases to continue counting votes until Democrat-leaning counties could conjure up enough votes to hand Florida’s Electoral College votes – and the presidency – to Al Gore.

The Black Lives Matter riots were some of the most violent and deadly in the nation’s history.

And left-wing foot soldiers are now promising to bring the BLM riots “on steroids” to American streets if Donald Trump wins the election in an effort to try and flip the result.

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