The Democratic Party certainly got what was coming to them after their latest plot to undermine Trump did not have the result they wished for.

Government officials are currently investigating suspicious ties between Democrats and an unsavory foreign source.

As a result of their antics, Democrats have found themselves in a legal nightmare.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is questioning whether the Democratic Party violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) by working with Ukrainian government officials to undermine the Trump campaign last year.

The Daily Caller reported:

In a letter sent to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley pointed to a report published by Politico in January laying out DNC official Alexandra Chalupa’s collaboration with Ukrainian politicians to compile research on Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman.

Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American activist who is no longer affiliated with the DNC, was paid $70,000 as a consultant for the party during the 2016 presidential cycle. She was paid $412,000 between 2004 and last year.

According to the report, the DNC encouraged Chalupa to meet with staffers at the Ukrainian embassy in order to “arrange an interview in which [Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko] might discuss Manafort’s ties” to Viktor Yanukovych, Poroshenko’s predecessor and an ally of Vladimir Putin’s.

In March, Chalupa met with Ukrainian Amb. Valeriy Chaly and one of his aides. The aide, Oksana Shulyar, reportedly shared her concerns regarding Manafort with Chalupa.

Politico also reported that a Ukrainian embassy official claimed that he was instructed by Shulyar to help Chalupa research Trump and Manafort.

In May, Chalupa contacted DNC communications director Luis Miranda, revealing that she had invited investigative reporter Michael Isikoff to an event at the Library of Congress. Two days earlier, Isikoff reported on a $26 million telecom deal between Manafort and Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

It is unclear if Isikoff received the tip off for the investigation from Chalupa or the Ukrainians.

And while many members of the Democratic Party fervently deny any collusion, others from the left have revealed their concerns over the “problematic” relationship.

Regardless of their excuses, the DNC’s actions could prove a direct violation of FARA, which requires any foreign relations to be disclosed.

The Daily Caller continued:

The anti-Trump effort “appear[s] to be exactly the type of activity Congress intended to reach with FARA,” Grassley wrote to Rosenstein, who would be the point-man on the issue because Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from all matters related to campaign meddling.

Republican members have an expose released by Politico as a double standard.

While the leftist media continually focuses on degrading the President’s image and promoting fake facts about the Russia probe, the outlets ignore this legitimate scandal.

The Daily Caller continued:

Trump critics have responded by pointing out that Ukraine is not an adversary of the U.S., as is Russia. The Ukrainian effort also appears to be far less sophisticated than the Kremlin’s efforts to hack Democrats’ emails and disseminate them through several websites. The DNC-Ukraine collaboration also did not directly involve the Clinton campaign.

The Politico piece largely flew under the media radar when it was first reported, partially because it was published just after BuzzFeed News published a dossier of salacious and uncorroborated allegations about Trump campaign collusion with the Kremlin.

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