Obama EPA and state environmental bureaucrats knew water was corroding lead pipes, but refused to alert the public for nearly a year

Democrats are blaming Michigan’s Republican governor for contaminated drinking water in Flint, Michigan; yet can’t seem to work up the same outrage for Obama Administration officials who are at the center of the controversy.

“I spent a lot of time last week being outraged by what’s happening in Flint, Michigan, and I think every single American should be outraged,” said Hillary Clinton.

The problem began when Flint changed their source of drinking water from the Detroit water system to the Flint River.

Because the Flint River’s water is more corrosive, it began absorbing the lead from within outdated water pipes, causing lead levels to reach well above legal restrictions.

The Obama Administration has known about the problem since last April, and yet they did nothing.

State and federal environmental agencies also knew about the toxic water for nearly a year, but fought amongst each other instead of notifying the public.

The Detroit News reports:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s top Midwest official said her department knew as early as April about the lack of corrosion controls in Flint’s water supply — a situation that likely put residents at risk for lead contamination…

… Instead of moving quickly to verify the concerns or take preventative measures, federal officials opted to prod the DEQ to act, EPA Region 5 Administrator Susan Hedman told The Detroit News this week. Hedman said she sought a legal opinion on whether the EPA could force action, but it wasn’t completed until November…

…An EPA water expert, Miguel Del Toral, identified potential problems with Flint’s drinking water in February, confirmed the suspicions in April and summarized the looming problem in a June internal memo. The state decided in October to change Flint’s drinking water source from the corrosive Flint River back to the Detroit water system.

Critics have charged Hedman with attempting to keep the memo’s information in-house and downplaying its significance.

Bearing in mind that Flints’ population is 57% black, Democrat candidates like Hillary Clinton will plan to use Michigan’s water crisis as part of their 2016 platform and demand the Republican governor’s resignation.

Yet, no one has called for the resignation of the hundreds of Obama employees and the state environmental employees who covered up the issue. Dirty water means dirty politics.