clinton_wide_eyed_afpPolling by Democrats reveals the media are lying about Hillary’s lead in polls

The mainstream media have dedicated hours of coverage to breathless reports lauding Hillary Clinton as our inevitable next president and as a resilient champion who has overcome conservative efforts to smear her by posting massive polling leads over Republicans.

But that effort to make Clinton seem the inevitable candidate has been blown apart by a polling firm, a top conservative reveals.

And it’s a Democrat polling firm.

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York points out:

* A CNN poll in March showed Clinton holding leads of 15 to 11 points over likely Republican opponents.

* An ABC News poll in March showed Clinton up by 15 to 13 points over likely Republican opponents.

* A CNN poll in April showed Clinton leading by 22 to 14 points over likely Republican opponents.

But those polls appear to be yet another mainstream media scam.

Numbers uncovered by Public Policy Polling (PPP) tell a different story.

PPP is a prominent Democrat polling firm.  Unlike the media, however, they realize they’re not doing liberals any good by giving them bad information.

“PPP survey in late February showed Clinton with an eight-point lead over Walker, a seven-point lead over Rubio, a seven-point lead over Paul, and a 10-point lead over Bush,” York writes. “A PPP poll at the end of March showed Clinton with a four-point lead over Walker, a four-point lead over Paul, a three-point lead over Rubio, and a six-point lead over Bush — at a time the other polls showed Clinton far ahead of those rivals.”

The media inflated Clinton’s numbers by polling people who aren’t registered to vote, or don’t vote.  By watering down the sample with a massive number of people who will pick the only name they recognize, the media create a massive false lead for Clinton.

In reality, the election is much closer.  By creating a “Clinton bubble” the media hope to discourage conservative voters and donors, weakening her Republican opponent.

But PPP is a professional political consulting firm.  They’d rather know where Clinton really stands than try and scam voters.

“I am definitely skeptical that Clinton was ever really up by 15 points like some of the early polls were showing,” says PPP director Tom Jensen tells York.

“We use tighter controls on who we call for our polls than most national surveys do. Although we don’t do an actual likely voter screen this far out, we do pull lists based on people who have voted in at least one of the last three elections. So I think we end up with samples that are a little bit more conservative than if we were calling all adults or even just registered voters with no respect to voting history,” Jensen tells York.

Despite its partisan leanings, PPP is one of the nation’s most accurate polling firms.

The Wall Street Journal found PPP was one of the two most accurate pollsters of the 2008 presidential election.

PPP was the first polling company to find Scott Brown leading Martha Coakley in Massachusetts’s 2008 U.S. Senate race.

A study by Fordham University found that of 28 firms that polled the 2012 presidential election, PPP had the most accurate poll of the popular vote.  In 2012 PPP correctly called the winner of every U.S. Senate and gubernatorial races it polled. In the final week of the presidential election, PPP also correctly predicted the winner in all 19 states it polled.