Democrats are beginning to abandon ship.

As Hillary’s campaign struggles to put away Bernie Sanders, the legal problems surrounding her email scandal and dealing with Donald Trump’s increasingly formidable campaign, Democrats are examining how they can end up with a different nominee.

One op-ed stunned the political world.

Douglas Schoen was a top Clinton advisor and pollster from 1994 to 2000.

He is intimately connected with the world of Democratic politics.

And now he is sounding the alarm about Hillary’s prospects.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, he lays out the scenarios that would play out for the Democrats to nominate a candidate other than Hillary Clinton.

Schoen writes it could start with the June 7th California primary:

“The inevitability behind Mrs. Clinton’s nomination will be in large measure eviscerated if she loses the June 7th California primary to Bernie Sanders. That could well happen.

A recent PPIC poll shows Mrs. Clinton with a 2% lead over Mr. Sanders, and a Fox News survey found the same result. Even a narrow win would give him 250 pledged delegates or more — a significant boost. California is clearly trending to Mr. Sanders, and the experience in recent open primaries has been that the Vermont Senator tends to underperform in pre-election surveys and over-perform on primary and caucus days, thanks to the participation of new registrants and young voters.

To this end, data from mid-May shows that there were nearly 1.5 million newly registered voters in California since Jan. 1st. That includes a 218% increase in Democratic voter registrations compared with the same period in 2012, a strongly encouraging sign for Mr. Sanders.”

Since this article was published, a Sanders victory seems even more likely in the wake of a USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll which found Sanders leading Clinton 44% to 43%.

Sanders winning in California, coupled with victories in Montana and South Dakota, would reveal Clinton as a damaged candidate, who despite every financial and institutional advantage, could not wrap up the nomination.

Next, Schoen lays out how Hillary’s vaunted advantage with Superdelegates could disappear.

Currently her 543-44 lead with Superdelegates is powering her hold over Sanders.

But Schoen notes that a motion could be made on the convention floor to bind Superdelegates to vote for the candidate selected by the voters of their state.

States like Wyoming and New Hampshire saw Sanders win popular vote landslides, but Hillary emerged with more delegates because Superdelegates lined up behind her.

This motion could have severe consequences, as she is likely to have a narrow lead in pledged delegates heading into the convention.

Finally, Schoen notes the increasing legal problems surrounding her email scandal could end her campaign.

In the wake of the State Department Inspector General’s report, which detailed how Hillary’s public explanations of her use of a private server were all lies, charges or a strong rebuke coming from the Justice Department are very likely.

These charges would most likely end Hillary’s campaign.

But would Hillary being taken to task by Obama’s Justice Department send nervous Superdelegates hunting around for a new candidate?

Hillary currently runs even with Donald Trump in the polls.

But she is limping to the finish line against Bernie Sanders.

Democrat insiders could see her campaign as damaged goods and turn to a White Knight candidate on the convention floor.

Schoen believes that will be Joe Biden.

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