Vladimir Putin is now poised to do to an Obama-led America what it couldn’t do in 50 years of the Cold War.

Congressional leaders report Russia is grinding America into dust in a global propaganda war.

From Africa to Asia to South America, world opinion is turning against the U.S. and in favor of the despotic Russia, thanks to a sophisticated propaganda operation the United States can’t compete with.

While Barack Obama is obsessed with global warming and gun control, Putin’s Russia is running a massive global media operation that frames the U.S. as a dying, oppressive, giant and Russia as the world’s new beacon of opportunity.

And Putin is backing it up, teaming with Communist China to invest billions in developing oil, gas, and other industries across Africa and Asia.

Together, Russia’s propaganda and Chinese investment are doing to the U.S. what they couldn’t do during the Cold War – destroy U.S. influence and place billions under the control of Moscow and Beijing.

“It’s remarkable to see the sophisticated media offense that Putin is conducting across Eastern Europe, Central Europe, the Middle East and Latin America through Russia today.” Rep. Edward R. Royce, California Republican and chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, tells The Washington Times.

“We’re just not countering it effectively,” says Royce.

Even the top Democrat on the Foreign Affairs Committee, New York Rep. Eliot Engel, recognizes the threat posed to America by Russian propaganda.

“At the time, Mr. Engel lamented that products of the Broadcasting Board of Governors were being drowned out on the world stage by Russian media and by a slate of other actors such as the Islamic State in the Middle East, who are ‘flooding the airwaves and covering websites with propaganda and misinformation,’” the Times reports.

“During the Cold War, the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe and other U.S.-backed broadcasters were the global gold standard for transmitting honest, unbiased news around the world,” Engel tells the Times. “Today, the need for that information is just as great.”

“Modern technologies have provided new avenues for disseminating lies and distortions to massive audiences,” Engel said. “Unfortunately, America’s ability to respond effectively hasn’t kept pace.”

While U.S. efforts to reach out to the world have deteriorated under Obama, Putin has invested millions in a slick global media empire.

“Since 2005, the global satellite network Russia Today — recently renamed RT — has grown into a worldwide operation perhaps best described as Moscow’s version of the BBC. As of this year, RT claimed to be available to an audience of some 700 million across more than 100 nations, where viewers can soak in its Fox News-style 24-hour television content in English, Arabic and Spanish,” the Times reports.