During the Presidential debate Sunday night, both Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz repeatedly interrupted Donald Trump, while they seldom interrupted his opponent Hillary Clinton.

According to the Republican National Committee, Trump was interrupted a total of 26 times during the 90 minute debate, while Clinton was interrupted a mere 12 times.

Many of the interruptions occurred after Clinton made her claims, during Trump’s rebuttal while he was making his Republican voice heard.

Some of the interruptions were made solely for the purpose of trying to degrade Trump’s solid standing in the debate.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Debate moderator Martha Raddatz feuded with Donald Trump during Sunday night’s debate, interrupting Trump in the middle of an answer to offer a rebuttal.

During the first debate, Lester Holt interrupted Trump a total of 42 times, mostly after his encouragement of closed borders concerning foreign policy.

Breitbart News reports:

“When both of the moderators tried to move past a question on Hillary’s email scandal, Trump replied, ‘Nice, one on three.’

At one point, Raddatz interrupted Trump when he said his position on a Muslim ban had morphed into extreme vetting.

“’Why don’t you interrupt her?’” Trump responded.”

The moderators also chastised Donald Trump’s supporters for clapping and cheering during the debate.

Not surprisingly, when Clinton supporters followed suit, there was no acknowledgement by either Cooper or Raddatz.

In addition to the interruptions, the moderators questioned Donald Trump much more intensively than they did Clinton.

Trump pointed out that the mediators had a biased viewpoint toward the Republican candidate, claiming that the debate was actually a “one on three.”

Furthermore, when Trump tried to acknowledge Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and consequential investigation by the FBI, he was quickly shot down by Anderson Cooper.

The Daily Caller reports:

“’I’d like to know Anderson, why aren’t you bringing up the emails? I’d like to know. It hasn’t been finished at all,’ Trump said to Cooper, after Clinton defended her deletion of 33,000 work emails. Cooper disregarded Trump’s question and said that they had discussed them enough.

Regardless of the biased nature of the debate, it did not prevent Republican nominee Donald Trump from coming out on top.

What are your thoughts?

Should bias such as what was shown by the mediators be allowed in such debates?

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