The pro-life community is up-in-arms over what appears to be a politically motivated raid against the pro-life activist who released video footage of Planned Parenthood officials dismembering babies’ body parts and selling them for profit .

California Department of Justice agents are facing accusations of targeting the home of David Daleiden, the founder of the group Center for Medical Progress, at the behest of the Abortion Lobby, and seizing potentially damning evidence that could implicate Planned Parenthood in a broader scandal.

In a Facebook post, Daleiden claims his personal belongings — including sensitive documents pertaining to illegal handling of fetal tissue by Planned Parenthood — were confiscated by officials.

According to CBS Sacramento, the California Department of Justice refuses to address concerns related to the investigation:

Rachele Huennekens, a spokeswoman for state Attorney General Kamala Harris, said in an email that she “can’t comment on any ongoing investigation.”

Attorney General Kamala Harris, who ordered the raid, is running for the U.S. Senate as a Democrat in 2016, leading many to wonder if the motivation behind the raid is intended to aid her political aspirations on the campaign trail.

Harris has also accepted campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood.

Daleiden maintains the videos released by his group were created within the bounds of the law, criticizing the raid in a Facebook post as an “attack on citizen journalism.”

Conservative activists and organizations have frequently become the targets of federal agencies during President Obama’s eight year reign.

Many conservatives fear the raids and attacks are politically motivated, and meant to intimidate groups that oppose important policy matters related to the president’s agenda.

In 2012, media outlets widely reported on the IRS bullying and threatening of Tea Party groups and their affiliates who were outspoken critics of ObamaCare.

Some journalists who have been critical of Obama’s policies, such as an AP news reporter, have accused Obama’s Department of Justice of wiretapping their phones and spying on their computers.

On multiple occasions, an overwhelming amount of evidence has indicated that the targeting of conservative organizations and media by Obama officials was politically motivated, despite official statements claiming otherwise.