Long time gun advocate Bob Owens recently died at the age of 46.

While the cause of his death is uncertain at this point, the wife and children he leaves behind are heartbroken nonetheless.

And in an act of pettiness and disrespect, liberals were caught dancing on his grave site and defacing the objects surrounding it.

Liberals also flew to Twitter to mock his death as well as how he died – which is suspected to be suicide.

The Blaze reports:

Tapper’s tweet offering sympathy for the Owens’ family brought out the worst in some liberals, who mocked his tragic death. “Jake, can you confirm the reports that Bob was wearing a diaper when he owned himself,” read one tweet from a contributor to Vice News. Another responded, “Glad Bob Owens died at the hands of a mad man with a gun[.] Another tweeted, “love to respect racist s**theads when they finally do the right thing and turn off the lights.”

Bob Owens was the creator and lead writer of a pro-gun advocacy website known as Bearing Arms.

He left a note before his death that suggested Owens suffered from depression, which unfortunately got the better of him.

And while his family, including his younger children, grieved, liberals decided to pay their disrespect by dancing on his grave and mocking the suspected cause of his death.

CNN’s far-left Jake Tapper was one individual who was quick to call on the disgusting acts of the leftists involved.

The Blaze reports:

Tapper responded, “I didn’t like everything he said or did but he is now dead and he left behind a wife and children. Go find some humanity.”

Another characterized his sympathy as reaching out to “white supremacists,” to which Tapper replied, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. All I’m seeing is a lot of liberals dancing on the grave of a conservative. It’s sickening.”

A situation such as this only goes to show how divided the Democratic Party is becoming.

Far-left extremists are pushing their fellow progressives away, and causing their party to fall into disarray.

Police are still investigating the cause of Bob Owen’s death, but in reality, the circumstance of his death makes little difference compared to the loss the conservative world saw.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think the liberals involved should face repercussions of some sort?

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