White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has been in some pretty hot water as of late. This is due to some pretty controversial statements he in his recent book about the White House.

Now, Bannon is coming forth and apologizing for not being more responsive regarding his comments made in the new book. These statements were belittling and fault-finding of Donald Trump, Jr.

According to a recent statement, Bannon believes that Trump, Jr. is “both a patriot and a good man.” He also says that Trump’s son has been tirelessly supporting both his father and the president’s plan to better our country.

Bannon also claims he feels remorse for not acknowledging the inaccurate reporting about Trump, Jr. He also regrets that this has been taking attention away from the president’s accomplishments made in his first year.

However, President Trump feels Bannon’s apologies come too little, too late.

According to a CNN source, President Trump has been asking friends and allies to pick sides: his or Bannon’s. There is also an ongoing effort to remove the executive chairman from his position at the Breitbart news site.

Trump has also begun tweeting about Bannon on social media, nicknaming him “Sloppy Steve” and claiming that Bannon has “lost his mind.”

Bannon and the book’s publisher have been given cease-and-desist letters, threatening possible legal action. There has also been a push for Breitbart executives to fire Bannon.