Fall marks crunch time for every university in America as seniors finish comparing schools and make their final decision on which school they will attend and pay tuition to.

But as the leaves were changing at the University of Missouri last November, the school became the focus of national news media when the campus erupted in racially charged protests.

Breitbart reports:

Following last year’s protests, the University of Missouri has seen a 20% decline in freshman enrollment for its incoming class, and is now operating with a $32 million deficit…

The protests, which were aimed at University System President Tim Wolfe and the administration’s alleged mishandling of several racial incidents on campus, became the focus of several national news stories.

 According to the protesters, several racial incidents spanning across the last five years were ignored by the university, even though the movement’s admits that many of these incidents occurred off-campus. They collectively put together a list of demands, one of which was a call for Wolfe’s resignation.”

Some of their demands included the increase of black faculty and staff to 10% as well as more funding for so-called “social justice” clubs designed for promoting Black Lives Matters activities on campus.

Shortly after the protests, President Wolfe resigned along with the Chancellor.

Adding another round of negative media for the school, a video surfaced on the internet of University of Missouri Professor Melissa Click ordering rowdy protesters to physically remove a student photographer on assignment for ESPN.

The chaos began fizzling out when the protestor’s ringleaders were exposed for their false claims of the KKK invading the campus.

Breitbart reports:

“Payton Head, student government president, and a figurehead on the movement was forced to apologize in a statement where he said he ‘was sorry about the misinformation that [he had] shared through social media.’ Major Brian Weimer of the university’s police department cleared any confusion by confirming that ‘there is no Ku Klux Klan on campus.’”

But his apology is a dollar short and a day late as the dust continues to settle from the fallout brought by this group of agitators.

In response, Interim Chancellor Hank Foley was forced to address the University of Missouri’s massive budget shortfall and sharp decline in student enrollment.

In his campus wide letter, Foley said the university would impose a 5 percent cut across the board and that the same cuts would likely be applied to the following fiscal year as well.

In addition to sweeping budget cuts, the university would have to implement a hiring freeze for every department on campus, and withhold annual promotions or raises.

And just like that, a handful of students have brought a booming campus to a standstill.

It’s unclear if the students will continue to demand more black faculty and funding for so-called “social justice” programs as their school faces a $32 million deficit.

Who will these protesters blame this time for the current situation the University of Missouri faces? It’s safe to bet they will never blame themselves.