mccarthyk1109gn1Weeks after John Boehner made the announcement he was retiring from Congress, the House was getting ready to elect a new speaker.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was known to be John Boehner’s choice and was the establishment’s top pick.

But the establishment’s plan to elect Kevin McCarthy as the next Speaker was abruptly derailed… by McCarthy himself.

In a shocking move that stunned the House and left them “audibly in tears”, Kevin McCarthy suddenly pulled his name out of the race to become Speaker.

The Washington Post reports:

 “It is total confusion — a banana republic,” said Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), a Boehner ally, as he recounted seeing a handful of House Republicans weeping Thursday over the downfall of McCarthy and the broader discord. “Any plan, anything you anticipate, who knows what’ll happen. People are crying. They don’t have any idea how this will unfold at all.”

While Speaker Boehner had previously announced he was retiring at the end of October, Boehner has already publicly said he will remain speaker until the House elects a new Speaker.

So what happened in the halls of Congress that Thursday that caused McCarthy to drop out?

Many believe the “Freedom Caucus,” composed of hard-lined right-winged members of Congress were to blame.

In a scathing write up by the Washington Post editorial board, they eluded to a potential conclusion:

“One possible reason Mr. McCarthy withdrew is that the Freedom Caucus demanded rule changes that would enhance the power of the fringes. The next speaker should refuse to hand the Freedom Caucus this or any other ransom, and the majority of Republicans should back him or her up. The House doesn’t need a “caretaker” speaker to paper over the toxic divide in the GOP caucus. It needs a leader who will neutralize the destructive influence of the Republican Party’s Jacobins.”

It appears the Freedom Caucus has been ruffling a few feathers, however apparently it’s working because as of now there is not one member of the House who has the 218 votes to become the next Speaker.

Fox5DC reports:

“’The establishment has lost two speakers in two weeks. K Street must be shaking in their boots. Mitch McConnell must be shaking in his boots, too,’ said Rep. Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, naming the Republican majority leader of the Senate.”

So who will become the next Speaker of the House?

America will sit back and enjoy the popcorn as the drama of the House continues to unfold.