free-educationDebacle at Univ. of Oregon socialist-based house mirrors 2006 parody from The Onion

“The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money,” Margaret Thatcher wisely noted.

This especially applies to rent payments.

Just ask the University of Oregon’s “Campbell House”, a club for students seeking to live by socialist values.

In a true story that could have come right out of satirical newspaper, The Onion, the Campbell House doors are about to be locked for good after racking up a whopping $17,000 in back rent.

All the members assumed someone else would foot the bill.

Come to think of it, The Onion did write an article back in 2002 entitled, ‘Marxists’ Apartment A Microcosm of Why Marxism Doesn’t Work,’ which had uncanny similarities to the clubs’ present situation – only it was meant as a fictional parody.

UO’s newspaper, The Emerald, reported this week:

(T)he Campbell Club is already $17,000 in debt. If the clubbers can’t scrounge this amount together by March 20, the co-op will be shut down by the Student Cooperative Association, its overseeing body.

Though rent is cheap — between $300 and $400 depending on the room — members tend to move in, stay for a few months and move out, often without paying the owed rent, the source of the debt. The co-op’s lack of funds and ‘anti-capitalist’ stance make it reluctant to hire debt collectors.

The Onion’s story foresaw that very same conclusion, 14 years prior.

“Although collectivism only works when all parties contribute to the fullest extent, Foyle hid the existence of a $245 paycheck from roommates so he would not have to pay his back rent, in essence refusing to participate in the forced voluntary taxation that is key to socialism,” The Onion had written.

The problem is right in front of their faces, but they refuse to acknowledge it.

They may not even have the brains to acknowledge it.

The Emerald continues:

Jordan Blaisdell, drummer for local rock duo the Critical Shakes, admires the Campbell Club’s spirit of artistic freedom. But he’s noticed a dearth of activity as of late. He thinks the problem is motivation.

“I thought this would be an artist utopia if the right set of motivated and creative and inspired people lived there.”

“But in the time I’ve been there, I can’t help but get the feeling there’s a lack of motivation.”

It’s almost as if socialism rewards laziness and turns the human spirit into mush or something.

The Onion had fun with that too, and embellished on the inherent lethargy of liberal college students.

“According to Browning, the group’s lack of productivity pervades their lives, with roommates encouraging each other to skip class or work to sit on the couch smoking pot and talking politics,” the paper wrote, quoting a fictional economist.

“A spirit of free-market competition in the house would likely result in better incomes or better grades, Browning said. “Then, instead of being hated and ostracized by the world at large as socialist countries usually are, they could maintain effective diplomacy with their landlord, their parents, and Kirk’s boss who cut back his hours at Shaman Drum Books.”