The media want to make it appear like Trump is about to lose.

And they found this underhanded way to do it.

CNN was caught faking their numbers to give Joe Biden this huge advantage.

Mark Twain once remarked, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

The Democrats seem to have the idea that if they have the statistics on their side it will help them win the election, but as can be seen in the last presidential election, all the polls in the world didn’t help Hillary Clinton win.

Democrats have an advantage right now because they can keep Joe Biden in his basement.

“People say all the time, ‘Oh, we’ve gotta get the vice president out of the basement.’ He’s fine in the basement,” said former Democratic Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe. “Two people see him a day, he has two body people — that’s that.”

Joe Biden has been the worst enemy for the entire campaign trail, and the more Biden talks, the harder it is for the Democrats to cover up his increasingly confused statements.

Because the Democrats control so much of the media, they can pass off Biden telling voters that they aren’t black if they have to consider whether or not they’re voting for him, but his remarks still are catching up to him.

It’s easier to make Biden look presidential when he isn’t speaking.

CNN is working overtime to help Biden by making it look like he’s winning.

“SSRS conducted the poll June 2-5 among 1,259 U.S. adults, 1,125 of which are registered voters. The survey included ‘an oversample of 250 black, nonHispanic respondents’ — a demographic that traditionally favors Democrats. The oversampling of that demographic comes as racial unrest continues to sweep the country.” Breitbart reported.

The poll shows Biden, not unexpectedly, leading by 14%; last monthBiden was only leading by 5% in the CNN poll.

“The 41% who say they back the President is the lowest in CNN’s tracking on this question back to April 2019, and Biden’s 55% support is his highest mark yet,” according to CNN.

CNN went on to compare the results to other one-term presidents.

“That’s his worst approval rating since January 2019, and roughly on par with approval ratings for Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush at this point in their reelection years,” CNN noted.

There’s no reason to trust the polls CNN is producing with their selection bias.

“CNN Polls are as Fake as their Reporting. Same numbers, and worse, against Crooked Hillary,” President Trump tweeted. “The Dems would destroy America!”

The fact is the Democrats are desperate to win the next election.

If Trump wins, then the Supreme Court is lost to them for the next twenty years.

There’s also the possibility that the Durham report will be deeply damaging to Democrats and they are trying to stop further investigations.

The Democrats aren’t sure that they’ll win the election in November but they can find poll results that make them more comfortable.