CNN is never one to defend President Trump, due to their extreme leftist agenda.

In fact, CNN is often the first to report fake news created to denounce President Trump and his administration.

But in a recent interview with a Democratic Senator, even the CNN reporter was shocked at the accusation the Senator made about Trump.

Democratic Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy recently accused Donald Trump of causing terrorist attacks, such as the most recent in Manchester, England.

Murphy tried to blame Trump by claiming his “Muslim rhetoric” is making the world more vulnerable for terrorist attacks, because it encourages people to stand up against the Western world somehow.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy believes Donald Trump’s rhetoric about Muslims could lead to terrorist attacks like the suicide bomber in Manchester, England.

“You said, ‘Many of us are worried about the rhetoric from the Trump administration because we worry that combined with the robust online recruitment it might end up in an attack like this,’ talking about Manchester, ‘on the United States,’” CNN host Poppy Harlow said Wednesday, quoting Murphy.

“Are you saying that you believe the rhetoric of the president makes this country more vulnerable for a terrorist attack right now?” Harlow asked.

“I am saying that,” Murphy confirmed.

Surprisingly, CNN anchor John Berman came to the defense of President Trump, asking why Obama was not accused of aiding in terrorism when there were so many attacks during his tenure.

The Daily Caller reports:

John Berman pushed back on Murphy, asking why there were still so many terror attacks on the United States when Obama was president despite using “far different rhetoric.”

Murphy dodged the question and didn’t explain how Obama’s rhetoric may have helped ISIS recruiters.

Harlow then asked if Murphy still believed Trump’s rhetoric is dangerous after his softened speech this week in Saudi Arabia.

“It doesn’t cancel out all of the terrible things he’s said about the Muslim religion in the past,” Murphy laughed.

Regardless of the differences between President Trump and former President Obama’s handling of terrorist “rhetoric,” the fact of the matter is that Trump is doing far more to actually combat terrorism than Obama ever did.

Recently, Trump traveled to the Middle East to negotiate peace between Arab countries, and ask them to be allies against radical Islam.

For the first time in a very long span of history, the Middle East seems to be cooperating with the United States in the war against terror.

Thanks to President Trump, there is hope that terrorism may be exterminated rather than be feared.

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