The public has noticed the shocking propaganda that CNN is running.

And it’s CNN’s worst nightmare.

CNN never imagined the huge price they’ll pay for their coronavirus coverage.

There’s only a certain amount of lies that can be mixed in with regular news coverage.

CNN decided to promote the lie day and night that Trump was responsible for every problem in America.

Hindsight is 2020, and CNN is trying to help Democrats promote the story that Trump was seriously off in his calculations on the coronavirus and they weren’t.

The sad truth is that it is impossible to react correctly without good data; if Trump had a time machine he would have started prepping America years ago, instead he was working off faulty Chinese data until the outbreak in Italy showed the world what the coronavirus was capable of doing.

Donald Trump is doing the best he can to protect the American people.

He listened to the experts when they said to ban travel with China, he listened to the experts when they said to stop travel with Italy.

The federal government isn’t all powerful, the power to quarantine lies in the hands of the state governors, many of whom are Democrats.

What was stopping Andrew Cuomo from enacting social distancing restrictions in New York? Nothing.

Trump wants to stop this virus, he wants to protect the American people and he wants to protect American jobs.

Yet the mainstream media won’t stop attacking him even for a moment, they seem to be encouraging the panic just so that they can blame Trump for it.

A Gallup poll showed that the majority of the public disapproved of the way the media is handling this crisis and it’s eroding the public’s trust in them.

CNN is so insane in their priorities that they would rather irrationally blame Trump without any justification than blame the Chinese Communist government’s massive cover-up that lasted for months.

Musician Sean Ono Lennon says the media has “lost their legitimacy” because of their coverage of the Chinese coronavirus.

According to the Washington Examiner:

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Musician Sean Ono Lennon has an issue with the media’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lennon, the 44-year-old son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, vented on Twitter Wednesday about the way that some in the media have covered the virus and its spread from China to the entire world. He implied that the Communist Party of China has lied about the number of those who died there.

“Been listening to ‘respectable’ journalists quoting CCP official numbers for months without doubt or hesitation. Calling it the Wuhan Virus but only days later telling ppl who say it’s from China they’re racist. The official media have lost their legitimacy,” he said.

Lennon has uncovered the truth that the media doesn’t have a consistent standard. They change their standard constantly so that they can attack Trump.

Journalists try and tell the truth through their reporting. Propagandists try and make people blindly follow their ideology.

CNN is showing which they are with their coronavirus coverage.