CNN’s Jake Tapper is an aggressive Trump critic.

And he recently took his opposition to social media.

But it did not end well for him.

In fact, he had to retreat after facing some searing criticism.

Ivanka Trump had tweeted out her support for Trump’s decision to launch a missile strike against a Syrian airfield in retaliation for a chemical gas attack that killed over 100 Syrians.

Conservatives were skeptical of the strike, but CNN’s Jake Tapper did not address those concerns.

Instead, he took to Twitter to attack Ivanka Trump for her tweet.

Cate Long – a former contributor to Reuters – then called out Tapper for being a troll.

Tapper and Long continued their back and forth, with Long pointing out that Trump opposes the Syrian refugee program because it is impossible to properly vet their applicants since Syria’s dictator, Bashar al-Assad, controls the systems that facilitates travel between countries.

Tapper’s response was to retreat from the conversation.

It’s interesting that Tapper chose to label Syrian refugees as the “most vulnerable people in the world.”

Conservatives would argue that label belongs to the babies whose lives are ended each year in Planned Parenthood clinics.

But CNN will never pass on an opportunity to attack Donald Trump.

Fortunately, it didn’t work out well in this case.