The media has never been a source of accurate information.

So why were they so surprised when faced with the facts?

Now, CNN gets brutally shot down by these election facts.

The media has spent these past few months of the pandemic using it to try and take down Trump.

From blaming him for each COVID-19 death to trying to convince the public that he started the virus in the first place, the media has pulled no punches when trying to take down Trump.

They have demonized the President into an incompetent fool.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Their intense smear campaign has not worked, despite all their best efforts.

CNN recently took a poll to see the public’s opinion on how the virus is being handled in America.

They believed that the results would demonstrate the fruits of their labor; people would be horrified, angry, and blame the President.

But the opposite happened.

The poll revealed that around 48% of Americans believe the United States’ efforts to combat coronavirus are going “well.”

From the beginning, the media has attempted to weaponize the virus against Trump.

That has been their sole focus when discussing coronavirus.

Whether it be secret conspiracies with China or their own ideas of his malevolence, the media has hounded Trump over his responsibility over coronavirus.

But what the media fails to recognize is Trump’s efforts against the coronavirus.

There were a lot of mistakes made when the virus’s first wave swept the world.

No one knew the devastating toll it could take.

Thus, decisions were made that now we realize were incorrect with the benefit of hindsight.

Of course, the numerous deaths caused by this pandemic cannot be forgotten or brushed aside.

Each and every one of them is a tragedy.

However, the media specifically blames Trump for these deaths, going so far as to label him a “murderer.”

This is an incredibly unfair and unfounded judgement by the media.

The President did not kill these people himself, a deadly and unforeseen plague did.

Thus, to make it seem like these people’s lives were the President’s responsibility is the same as blaming him for not having power over the forces of nature.

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‘The President can’t control the wind? I guess he’s to blame for all those tornadoes!’

This is the same logic the media uses to convince people Trump is the villain.

As President, he has a responsibility to do the best he can for the wellbeing of all Americans.

And that is what he did.

Trump listened to the words of the experts around him and did what he could according to their directions.

No one is to blame for the results of the pandemic.

As a nation, we have more knowledge to combat the virus and we must take steps to ensure that a second wave does not strike the nation.

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