There’s no hiding the fact that Nancy Pelosi made a devastating mistake for Democrats.

She has no hope of recovering from her massive blunder.

Even CNN had to confess that Nancy Pelosi lost big on one impeachment gamble.

The Democrats have to turn impeachment into a win otherwise they’re going to have a rough time in 2020.

The economy is breaking record with its strength and Democrats have to make an argument about why America should change off of the course it’s on.

That’s why Democrats have chosen to attack Trump’s character rather than his policies.

But instead of trying to point out that some of Trump’s tweets aren’t appropriate for a President to make, Democrats have chosen the insane route of trying to prove that Trump’s a criminal.

Nancy Pelosi impeached Trump because she wanted to help Democrats in the 2020 election and her move to hold onto the articles of impeachment has made even the most biased Democrats see that she’s playing political games.

She clearly was trying to control the Senate procedure which was outside the limits of her power. Mitch McConnell wasn’t going to bend to her puny threats when all she was doing by holding on to impeachment was making herself look like an idiot.

CNN admitted that Nancy Pelosi made herself look bad by not handing over impeachment right away.

Pelosi wanted to use her possession of the articles of impeachment to yield promises and/or compromises from McConnell — most notably on the issue of witnesses being allowed to be called in the Senate trial.

Except that McConnell wasn’t playing ball.

 “There will be no haggling with the House over Senate procedure,” McConnell said earlier this month. “We will not cede our authority to try this impeachment. The House Democrats’ turn is over. The Senate has made its decision.” And McConnell backed up that no-negotiation position with a show of force: Announcing that he had secured the support of a majority of the Senate to begin the impeachment trial without any decision on witnesses.

Which left Pelosi hung out to dry. The leverage she imagined she possessed to get McConnell to accede to her wishes didn’t exist. McConnell was perfectly happy waiting while Pelosi held on to the articles of impeachment, probably believing rightly that these sorts of delaying tactics would look like just more Washington funny business to the average person. And he knew that whenever she decided to send the articles over, he had a majority waiting to open the trial without any promises made on witnesses.

Impeachment looks like Washington funny business to the average person because it is Washington funny business.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t seem to understand that going beyond the limits of her powers just makes her look bad.

Nancy Pelosi knew that during the last impeachment of Bill Clinton, the Senate reviewed the information that Congress presented and didn’t call new witnesses.

She should have gotten the evidence that Trump committed a crime before she impeached Trump instead of trying to change impeachment afterwards.

Do you think Nancy Pelosi has made herself look bad by hanging onto the impeachment articles instead of handing them over to the Senate?

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