CNN is a nonstop Trump hating machine.

The network fills their airtime with anchors and guests who run down President Trump.

So when CNN’s Brooke Baldwin began this one interview, she never imagined the direction it would take.

Baldwin interviewed a Syrian refugee living in Germany.

The purpose of the interview was to get his thoughts on Trump’s decision to strike an airfield in Syria in retaliation for Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad using chemical weapons on civilians.

Kasem Eid – the Syrian refugee – did not give Baldwin the answers she was hoping for.

Instead of dumping on Trump, Eid praised his decision to strike Syria.

Baldwin was not happy and tried to move the interview in a direction that would corner Eid into condemning Trump as a hypocrite.

The CNN anchor played Hillary Clinton’s comments blasting Trump for refusing to take in Syrian refugees.

Her point was that Trump was a hypocrite for bombing Syria, but trying to block the entry of unvetted Islamist refugees.

Eid’s response stunned Baldwin.

He said he and other Syrians did not want to be refugees.

They wanted to stay in Syria.

And he hopes Trump will bring about a resolution that will allow Syrians to stay in their homeland.

CNN was expecting a Syrian refugee to go on their network and really lay into Donald Trump.

But instead of a blistering critique, Eid delivered praise.

Look for CNN to now institute some “extreme vetting” of their own to make sure no more guests surprise them with views they don’t want to hear.