Yesterday morning Fox News spoke with their Senior Judicial Analyst Judge, Andrew Napolitano regarding Hillary Clinton’s comments to “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

During the Meet the Press interview, NBC anchor Chuck Todd asks Hillary Clinton if she has been contacted by the FBI for the purpose of conducting an interview.

Clinton has long said that she would be happy to sit down with the FBI and answer any questions they may have for her, certain in her innocence no matter the development.

Judge Napolitano highlights that this public promise from Hillary is the very thing that could be her undoing. Napolitano points out that, in almost all circumstances, it is a roundly rejected idea for an attorney to allow their client to speak voluntarily with the FBI.

The Judge explains why:

“The FBI will basically call up her lawyers and say: “We have a lot of information we are about to present to a Grand Jury and much of it involves your client. Would your client like to chat with us?”

“She can say yes or she can say no. It is a very, very difficult choice she doesn’t want to make. She doesn’t want to make the choice because the standard operating procedure if you are a criminal defense lawyer is never, ever, ever let your client talk with the people that are investigating your client.”

“That is the mistake Martha Stewart’s lawyers made. She told one lie to one FBI agent, in one conversation and she went to prison.”

Napolitano continues to explain that what Hillary has done with this posturing has put her in political jeopardy. If her lawyers are at all competent, they will strongly urge her to not speak with the FBI about her case. However, this would force Hillary to break her word that she is more than willing to meet with them and vindicate herself of any wrongdoing.

Fox anchor Bill Hemmer correctly asserts that Clinton is in the position of, “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

Judge Napolitano went on to blast Clinton for her weak defense in comparing her situation to that of Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, who both had accidentally used private email accounts in the past. The difference is Clinton paid to have the secret server hidden from officials and then paid $5,000 to have those emails erased.

The biggest bombshell during the exchange between Fox anchor Hemmer and Napolitano was the speculation that there is a strong possibility Obama himself would have to testify in the case – since many of the top secret emails in question were between Hillary and the President.

This probing from the media comes on the heels of the revelation that the Justice Department gave immunity to a former DOJ staffer, Bryan Pagliano, in exchange for his cooperation in the investigation.

Pagliano worked on Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and is a former State Department staffer who helped set up Hillary’s home server, according to Fox Insider.

Napolitano told Fox and Friends that these strings of developments could, “…shake the American political system to its foundation.”