hillaryObama appointed watchdog with long ties to the Clintons wrote the report clearing her in Benghazi affair

An ethics group has revealed the government watchdog who allowed Hillary Clinton to illegally use private emails was a Clinton administration ambassador who got the job after donating to Obama.

Harold Geisel served as the State Department’s interim inspector general while Clinton was secretary of state.

He’s no stranger to the State Department, the Clintons or Obama.

Geisel had been named an ambassador by then-President Bill Clinton and donated to President Obama’s first presidential campaign, records show.

He was working a desk job in senior State Department management until 1996, when then-President Bill Clinton named him ambassador to the tropical island of Mauritius.

FEC records show that in 2008 Geisel donated $2,300 to Obama. Obama then put him in charge of keeping an eye out for illegal activity at the State Department.

As inspector general, his job was to keep an eye on Hillary Clinton and other State Department officials and make sure they weren’t breaking the law.

Geisel’s background is in information technology, yet he somehow failed to realize Hillary Clinton was using illegal email.

The Government Accountability Office expressed early concerns about putting Geisel in charge of monitoring Clinton. An April 2011 report reveals worries his hire “resulted in, at a minimum, the appearance of independence impairment.”

The former Clinton official also authored the report claiming the there was no bias in the State Department investigation clearing Clinton of wrongdoing in handling the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack on Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

Geisel has also been accused in court of covering up other illegal activities by Clinton’s team and other Obama officials.

State Department whistle blower Richard “Rick” Higbie has revealed to The Blaze his own discoveries about the Clinton and Obama official.

“Evidence revealed possible cover-ups by then-Inspector General Geisel who was charged with oversight for the State Department. Geisel appeared to ignore allegations that major Democratic Party donor and U.S. Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman had sought underage prostitutes while at his post in Brussels, according to evidence collected by Fedenisn,” reports the Blaze.

“Additionally, Geisel had enough information to indicate that Hillary Clinton’s own private security detail was engaging with prostitutes overseas,” The Blaze reports.

Other State Department officials appear to have been concocting a plan to cover up Clinton’s illegal activities.

“I want to ensure that whatever we say is consistent with law and regulation,” State Department records official William Fischer wrote in an October 2014 email to National Archives chief records officer Paul Wester, and other Archives officials asking whether current policies broke the law.

In testimony to the U.S. Senate’s Homeland Security Committee, Daniel Epstein, president of nonpartisan watchdog Cause of Action, says the exchange of Obama administration officials “had reason to know that the State Department was seeking legal justification for noncompliance with applicable regulations relating to email records.”

The Hillary email scandal comes with Obama’s seal of approval. The whole things appears to have been a fix from the beginning.