dinesh092314Liberal judge ignores his own court-ordered doctor to smear D’Souza

A Democrat-appointed federal judge has overruled doctors and ordered conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza into psychiatric care.

Having already sentenced D’Souza for a campaign finance violation, U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman extended the sentence by four years.

Berman then declared D’Souza mentally ill and ordered him into psychiatric care, even though Berman’s own court-ordered psychiatrist reported D’Souza was mentally sound and has no mental illness.

Using creepy Orwellian language, Berman said he was declaring a mentally healthy man to be mentally ill for his own good.

“I only insisted on psychological counseling as part of Mr. D’Souza’s sentence because I wanted to be helpful,” said Berman.

Being ordered into psychiatric care now tags D’Souza for life as mentally ill, despite the court’s own psychiatrist saying he’s not.

Even if D’Souza were to have his rights restored after serving his sentence, the ruling could deny him the right to own a gun despite the fact he’s never been medically found mentally ill.

D’Souza pleaded guilty last year to using straw donors to evade the federal limits on campaign contributions and donate $10,000 to a friend’s U.S. Senate campaign.

He was sentenced in September 2014 to an eight month work-release sentence and community service, along with five years of probation and a $30,000 fine.

Apparently miffed that his own medical professional disagreed with his desire to declare D’Souza mentally ill, Berman essentially fired the court-ordered psychiatrist and will find a more willing therapist to deal with D’Souza.

“Therapy is more of an art than a science, and a new therapist may be what is needed in this case,” said Berman.

Berman was appointed to the bench by then-President Bill Clinton in 1998.

Berman was previously a cable TV executive, serving as General Counsel and Executive Vice President of the Warner Cable Corporation.

Before that Berman was an environmental activist, serving as executive director of the New York State Alliance to Save Energy.

Berman started his career in the office of U.S. Senator Jacob Javits.  A staunch liberal. Javits was an outspoken opponent of the Republican Party’s then-burgeoning conservative movement.

Impressed with Berman’s left-wing credentials, Clinton put him on the federal bench.

It seems like old grudges die hard.