Hillary-Clinton-Crazy-FaceThen-HHS Secretary said Clinton suffers from paranoia, delusions in secret 1994 interview

Clinton administration Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala questioned First Lady Hillary Clinton’s sanity in recently-discovered audiotapes recorded in 1994, the Washington Free Beacon’s Alana Goodman reports.

“They’ve become paranoid. Paranoia. Thinking people are out to get them, this right-wing conspiracy stuff,” said Shalala in 1994.

“[The Clintons are] feeling sorry for themselves. They talk about [conspiracies] all the time,” said Shalala. “That there really is a conspiracy out there to get us. That we don’t have a chance, people don’t understand how much good we’ve done. Our message isn’t getting across because these people are beating us up.”

Shalala is currently head of the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary’s claim that there were conspiracies against her generated massive headlines in 1998 when she claimed on the “Today” show that there was “a vast right-wing conspiracy” to remove the Clintons from the White House after Bill Clinton was caught lying to a grand jury about his affair with White House staffer Monica Lewinsky.

At the time some liberal commentators speculated that Lewinsky was a secret Republican agent who forcibly seduced an unwilling Clinton.  It is unknown if Hillary Clinton agreed with those conspiracy theories.

“Aides feared at the time that Hillary Clinton had become ‘paranoid,’ ‘burnt out,’ and prone to angry outbursts, according to the tapes,” Goodman reports.

The tapes were recorded during interviews with reporter Haynes Johnson.  Johnson, who has since passed away, was writing a book with David Broder on how the Clintons tried to pass health care reform.

Many of the comments from staff were attributed anonymously.

Claims that Clinton is dangerously paranoid continue to follow her, especially with new revelations she conducted State Department business illegally using a private email server.

Other Clinton staffers report additional violent and unstable behavior by Hillary Clinton.  Staffers working for the Clintons during Bill Clinton’s term as Arkansas governor report that she would routinely fly into unpredictable rages and throw items like ashtrays at her husband’s head.

Former Secret Service agents state Hillary Clinton threw a book, hard, into the back of a Secret Service agent during a 1996 violent outburst, as he was driving her limousine.

According to the Secret Service agents, Hillary believed they were all Republican plants who were spying on her and relaying information to the Republican National Committee.

“(T)hey thought everybody in the Secret Service was a Republican spy,” reports one agent, who is not Republican.

“We were all spies, all spies. I mean, it was a big joke,” he said. “We were giving each other secret names, like ‘Agent X, it’s time for you to be relieved from your post for right now,’ as if we were Soviet agents or something.”