clinton shadyAs Secretary of State, Clinton financed foreign military that rounded up workers protesting a Clinton Foundation donor

In what is either shocking or in no way a surprise, Hillary Clinton has been caught manipulating U.S. foreign policy to benefit a Clinton donor again.

This time, it was so US taxpayers could fund a foreign army that was rounding up workers picketing one of her donors.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton covered up widespread human rights abuses by Colombia’s government, at the same time a company connected to the Colombian government was pouring millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation, the International Business Times (IBT) reports.

“When workers at the country’s largest independent oil company staged a strike in 2011, the Colombian military rounded them up at gunpoint and threatened violence if they failed to disband, according to human rights organizations,” the IBT reports.

So imagine their confusion when Clinton praised Colombia’s human rights record.

The swerve came after a new donor joined the Clinton Foundation…the owner of the oil company in question.  Clinton’s change to policy sent millions in aid to the same military that rounded up workers striking against her donor

“At the same time that Clinton’s State Department was lauding Colombia’s human rights record, her family was forging a financial relationship with Pacific Rubiales, the sprawling Canadian petroleum company at the center of Colombia’s labor strife. The Clintons were also developing commercial ties with the oil giant’s founder, Canadian financier Frank Giustra, who now occupies a seat on the board of the Clinton Foundation, the family’s global philanthropic empire,” the IBT stated.

“After millions of dollars were pledged by the oil company to the Clinton Foundation — supplemented by millions more from Giustra himself — Secretary Clinton abruptly changed her position on the controversial U.S.-Colombia trade pact,” the IBT continued.

“Having opposed the deal as a bad one for labor rights back when she was a presidential candidate in 2008, she now promoted it, calling it ‘strongly in the interests of both Colombia and the United States,’” the IBT reports. “The change of heart by Clinton and other Democratic leaders enabled congressional passage of a Colombia trade deal that experts say delivered big benefits to foreign investors like Giustra.”

So what happened to the money?

Only 10 percent of the Clinton Foundation’s money was spent on charity.

In 2013, another 10 percent, or $8.5 million, was spent on lavish travel.  They spent another $9.2 million on conventions.

“It seems like the Clinton Foundation operates as a slush fund for the Clintons,” Bill Allison, a senior fellow at the government watchdog group, Sunlight Foundation, told the New York Post.

“It sounds like another out-of-control family affair,” certified public accountant and expert on non-profit organizations Reg Baker, tells Fox News.

Hillary Clinton was living high on foreign cash, and she may have covered up human rights abuses to keep the green flowing.