The Clintons are never far from scandal.

The latest storm involves a close former ally.

And he just pled guilty to a sickening crime involving a child.

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner was the husband of Huma Abedin, the vice chairwoman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign.

He pled guilty to sending explicit images to a 15 year-old girl online.

Politico reports:

“Former Rep. Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty on Friday morning to charges stemming from his sexually charged conversations with a 15-year-old, capping a long-running legal and political scandal whose impact was felt in Congress, New York City politics and the tumultuous 2016 presidential campaign.

At a court hearing in Lower Manhattan, Weiner admitted he knew the woman was underage, as part of a plea agreement that will require him to register as a sex offender. Prosecutors recommended a sentence between 21 months and 27 months as part of the agreement.

A tearful Weiner said his “destructive impulses” led him to send the explicit images, and he admitted to “encouraging her to engage in sexually explicit conduct” in late 2016.

“This fall, I came to grips for the first time with the depth of my sickness,” Weiner said, his voice cracking.

“I had hit bottom,” he told the judge, and said he began “to take a moral inventory of my defects. … I accept full responsibility for my conduct. I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse.”

Weiner’s case became national news during the final days of the 2016 election.

The FBI was investigating his sexting when they discovered emails from Huma Abedin to Clinton on his lap top.

That caused then FBI Director James Comey to alert Congress they had discovered new evidence and were reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

On his lap top were emails containing classified information.

Abedin committed a crime by forwarding them.

But she was allowed to escape without consequences because of her connections to Clinton.

Comey later said they found no new evidence because the emails were ones they had already examined, but the Clintons believed the damage was already done.

A week before he was sacked, Clinton had continued to whine that Comey had cost her the election.

But a study by pollsters found that Comey did not cost Hillary the election.

Hot Air reports:

“Did James Comey’s final-fortnight reopening of the probe into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal cost her the election? Some polling analysts believe that the data shows evidence that it did, but an investigation by a polling trade group discounts the effects. That lede gets buried somewhat in Politico’s coverage of the conclusions to an American Association for Public Opinion Research study, whose primary purpose was to answer how the polling turned out to be so wrong in 2016:

“The evidence for a meaningful effect on the election from the FBI letter is mixed at best,” the report states, citing polls that showed Clinton’s support beginning to drop in the days leading up to the letter. “October 28th falls at roughly the midpoint (not the start) of the slide in Clinton’s support.”

In fact, while the Comey letter “had an immediate, negative impact for Clinton on the order of 2 percentage points,” the report finds that Clinton’s support recovered “in the days just prior to the election.”

Comey did not cost Clinton the election.

Her own conduct did.

Just like Weiner’s own conduct led to his conviction of a sexual crime involving a child.