Bill Clinton is in hot water as women are coming forward, alleging that the former president had sexually assaulted them. These women are asking Congress to release names of House of Representatives members who were paying off sexual harassment victims using money from a “slush fund” taxpayers were unknowingly contributing to.

The names of these women are Leslie Milwee, Juanita Broaddrick, and Kathleen Willey. They claim that Bill Clinton is responsible for not only sexual assault, but also for jeopardizing their careers  and damaging their good reputations.

They are demanding Congress to publicly identify the lawmakers allowing these taxpayer’s dollars to fund such immoral actions.

As World Net Daily states:

“I have just one thing to say to all of you congressmen and all of you senators: We pay you,” Willey told WND. “You owe us. You owe us answers, you owe us an explanation. How did that fund start? Who started it? Who got it going?”

“Why is everybody covering for these people? Why are they being allowed to get away with this horrible, horrendous treatment of women with no accountability whatsoever to anyone?”

Willey, a former volunteer White House aide, accused Bill Clinton of making aggressive, unwanted sexual advances during a private meeting in 1993.

The men who have engaged in sexual misconduct have only one regret, Willey argued.

“The only reason they apologized is because they were caught. They had no intention of changing. It’s in their DNA, and it’s not like they are going to change,” she said. “I would like to see Bill and Hillary Clinton’s perks stripped from them because of their behavior. They’ve got plenty of money that they’ve stolen from the Clinton Foundation. They won’t go without.”

Since 1997, a whopping $17 million of public money has been going toward settling workplace conflicts on Capitol Hill. Congress has been using this account – funded by taxpayers’ money – to cover up and settle harassment cases against them by fellow employees.

According to the Office of Compliance, many of these cases that result in settlements emerge from the Capitol Police, Architect of the Capitol, and other employers of Capitol Hill.

In addition, upon receiving an accusation of sexual misconduct, Representative John Conyers ended up negotiating a settlement by utilizing his congressional office budget. This sum of money is not even part of the $17 million total.

As World Net Daily states:

The way Democratic leadership and the mainstream media treated Clinton’s alleged victims has set the precedent for high-powered politicians’ abuse of power, Morgan told WND.

“John Conyers, ‘Captain Underwear,’ went around displaying his ‘tidy whities’ for all of these female staffers. That is completely inappropriate behavior, and it needs to stop right now,” she said. “There is a distinction between Roy Moore and Congressman Conyers and Sen. Franken. [Moore] is about to receive the judgment of the voters of Alabama. His people will decide whether or not he should represent them and whether or not they believe the allegations that have been made against him. But the allegations that have come forward about Conyers and Frankin have been admitted publicly – there is photographic evidence there.”