Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is at it again. And this time, senior citizens will not be happy with what he has to say.

According to Bill, climate change is a very real reality that all Americans need to start addressing immediately. However, not everyone sees eye-to-eye on this issue. According to the scientist, older people are the cause of the “hold-up” on making changes to reduce the rate of climate change.

Bill states that this group, in general, does not believe in climate change, nor the impact it has on the environment. He also states that their mere existence is not helping progression on this issue, either.

According to Daily Caller:

Bill Nye said in a Wednesday interview that older people–who are more likely to deny the seriousness of climate change–need to “age out” before progress can be made on climate change.

Speaking to The Los Angeles Times, Nye argued that people are “scared” of change and those people need to “age out” so that the country can make progress.

“One’s intuition about climate change is not as good as facts about climate change,” Nye said of people who have skepticism about the scale and effects of climate change. “It just sounds like people are scared. It just sounds like people are afraid….Climate change deniers, by way of example, are older.”

According to the article, Bill Nye believes the climate change issue (and the halt in its progression for change) is a generational issue. He believes that the elderly need to simple “age out” in order for change on this matter to occur.

However, when Bill Nye uses the term “age out,” he is simply using it as a euphemism for the word “die.”

These are harsh words coming from the TV star. However, he seems adamant that progression for change in this issue will continue. He claims that, no matter what, “it will happen.” It may just take longer than what people once thought.