Chuck Schumer believed Democrats were on the cusp of winning back the majority in the Senate, and with it, total control of Washington.

But Democrats just got some bad news.

And Chuck Schumer’s life was ruined after one scandal linked to China went public.

Former astronaut Mark Kelly is the heavy favorite to be the Democrat Party nominee for Senate in Arizona to take on RINO incumbent Martha McSally.

Kelly’s married to gun-grabbing fanatic Gabby Giffords and is outraising McSally and leading the pro-amnesty and anti-Trump McSally in the polls.

But now a massive scandal involving Kelly’s link to China threatens Democrats’ grip on a race Kelly must win if they want to make Chuck Schumer Majority Leader next January.

Susan Crabtree of Real Clear Politics broke the story of Tencent– aChinese tech company that helps the Chinese government censor the internet in China – and their financial links to World View Enterprises, which Kelly co-founded and is involved in the commercial space exploration company.

“Kelly, however, has been far more reticent about the investment by a Chinese company in a commercial space exploration venture he co-founded.  The company, tech giant Tencent, is one of the world’s largest internet enterprises and owns the Chinese social media platform WeChat. The text platform has more than a billion users and is suspected of monitoring the activity of many of them inside and outside of China,” Crabtree reported.

Crabtree reported that in 2014, Tencent pumped millions of dollars into World View Enterprises.

“In the fall of 2014, the CEO of World View Enterprises, the company Kelly co-founded, announced during a visit to Beijing that Tencent had invested an undisclosed sum of money in the Tucson-based space travel venture. In April 2016, as part of a subsequent, $15 million investment round, World View announced that it had received more funds from Tencent, along with three other venture capital firms,” Crabtree added.

Crabtree also detailed Kelly’s financial stake in World View Enterprises.

“Kelly served as a strategic adviser to World View until launching his Senate campaign last year. He maintains a personal financial stake in the company of between $100,000 and $250,000 worth of non-public stock and $15,001 and $50,000 worth of stock options, according to the financial disclosure records Kelly was required to file in his Senate bid. His eldest daughter also works there as the company’s business opportunity manager,” Crabtree wrote.

Kelly’s link to a space exploration company financially beholden to China raises national security questions.

Chinese technology companies’ operation on U.S. soil opens up economically and technologically strategic industries to Chinese espionage.

The intelligence community is already reporting that Chinese hackers targeted companies working on a coronavirus vaccine to slow down America’s progress in hopes of giving China a leg up on this viral medical advancement.

Space figures to be the next frontier in the escalating competition between the United States and China.

The ability to defend satellites and communication systems from space-based attacks will hand the United States an advantage over China.

Kelly’s involvement in a company in bed with a shady Chinese technology company is sure to become a massive campaign issue in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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