Democrats had a surprising reaction to the first presidential debate.

And while many on the left claimed Joe Biden scored a decisive victory, their actions told another story.

And Chuck Schumer demanded one change to the debates that had Donald Trump seeing red.

The main takeaway from the first presidential debate was Chris Wallace’s disgraceful performance in losing control of the debate.

Wallace allowed Joe Biden to lie with impunity and bickered with Donald Trump over his interruptions while Wallace allowed Joe Biden to interrupt Donald Trump at will and call the President names like “clown” and “racist” while telling President Trump to “shut up.”

This spectacle – as well as the realization that Biden turned in a feeble performance – led to many fake news pundits demanding that Biden skip the next two debates because of President Trump’s ‘undignified’ behavior.

The following day, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer also laid the groundwork to force President Trump to cancel his appearance at the following debates.

Schumer suggested giving the moderator the ability to turn off a candidate’s microphone, which would allow whatever left-wing journalist that moderated the debate to limit President Trump’s speaking time.

“Maybe we should give the moderator a mute button, given how President Trump just interrupts at will,” Schumer told a gathering of reporters. “And the bottom line is Donald Trump doesn’t follow the rules [and] the commission has got to get a lot tougher.”

Schumer taunted the President about his performance claiming Trump shouldn’t even want to debate Biden.

“Unless he’s trying to lose, I don’t think Donald Trump should want to debate Joe Biden again,” Schumer added.

For its part, the Commission on Presidential Debates released a statement praising Wallace’s performance as moderator.

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“The commission is grateful to Chris Wallace for the professionalism and skill he brought to last night’s debate and intends to ensure that additional tools to maintain order are in place for the remaining debates,” the commission’s statement read.

Joe Biden’s campaign wants the fake news media and commission to do its dirty work by changing the rules of the debate to be so unfair and biased against Trump that the President has no choice but to protest a rigged system.

“Joe Biden is looking forward to the town hall in Miami,” Biden’sdeputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield declared. “He’ll be focused on answering questions from the voters there, under whatever set of rules the Commission develops to try to contain Donald Trump’s behavior. The president will have to choose between responding to voters about questions for which he has offered no answers in this campaign — or repeating last night’s unhinged meltdown.”

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