President Trump and his supporters have a new reason to be furious with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace.

Wallace somehow found a new way to express his pro-Democrat bias on Fox New Channel’s air.

And Chris Wallace went overboard with this attack on Amy Coney Barrett.

Ever since the debate, Wallace has been attempting to be a CNN host, offering his opinions on the candidates’ choices and arguments.

For instance, he criticized Biden for not directly answering the question about court-packing.

However, during the debate, he let him slide on this question.

Despite this and many other instances, voters expected him to have something intelligent to say about the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett.

Unfortunately, he did not.

Instead of intelligent remarks, Wallace completely bungled the history of the Supreme Court.

He stated that Merrick Garland, a judge in the District of Columbia circuit, was the beginning of problems in politics.

Specifically, Wallace stated that Garland was the beginning of every bad and partisan choice concerning Supreme Court justices.

This is simply factually incorrect and erases a good chunk of Supreme Court history.

Matt Whitlock took to Twitter and offered his explanation of these incorrect facts:

“Fascinated by Chris Wallace on Fox right now –dismissing the entire history of Supreme Court confirmation wars (Bork, Thomas, Alito, even Roberts) to suggest this current acrimony began with Merrick Garland.

“That’s a bad-faith Democrat position.Thank goodness for @BretBaier coming in to point out CLEARLY that this started with Bork, 30 years before Merrick Garland.

“They pulled Bork’s VIDEO RENTAL HISTORY. They said he would force back alley abortions. And we’ve never come back from it.”

In addition, Bonchie of RedState blog offered their analysis:

“The idea that the Senate saying absolutely nothing negative about Merrick Garland and simply choosing not to take up his nomination is somehow the beginning of the current Supreme Court insanity is so historically wrong as to be laughable. Democrats, led by Joe Biden, destroyed Robert Bork with lie after lie. They accused him of the worst evils and this was decades before Garland was ever nominated.”

By spewing this misinformation, Wallace is making a fool of himself.

And what makes the situation more ridiculous is his rhetoric itself.

In the past, the Republicans have never treated the Democratic nominees the way the Democrats are treating the Republican nominee now.

Despite their past radical ideologies, no Democratic nominee is facing the same injustice as Amy Coney Barrett is at this moment.

We can only hope Barrett will let her work be unaffected by the insults and injustice.

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