Chris Wallace’s pro-Joe Biden bias gets worse every day.

But now that the 2020 election is in the endgame, Wallace is acting ever more desperate to boost Biden’s candidacy.

Chris Wallace defended Joe Biden with an excuse that will leave you red with rage.

When the New York Post broke the story that emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop allegedly detailed a pay-for-play scheme involving Chinese and Ukrainian interests that Joe Biden allegedly knew about,Chris Wallace was among the fake news media “reporters” attacking the story.

Like his fellow travelers, Wallace did not address the contents of the emails but instead parroted the obvious lie that Rudy Giuliani – who came into possession of the laptop and leaked the emails to the Post – was peddling Russian disinformation.

“I can understand the concern about this story. It is completely unverified, and frankly, Rudy Giuliani is not the most reliable source anymore. I hate to say that, but it’s just true,” Wallace began.

“There is a story in the Washington Post in The New York Times today saying that the National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien had to tell the president in December of last year that the intelligence agencies thought that Giuliani was being worked by Russian agents and was being used to spread Russian disinformation. Until we’re able to independently verify the story, I’m suspicious of it. It is worth checking out, but I’m suspicious,” Wallace added.

It is important to note that no one in the Joe Biden campaign has denied the authenticity of the emails.

To believe Wallace’s outrageous claims that Vladimir Putin is secretly pulling the strings, one would have to believe that the computer repair shop where someone that may have been Hunter Biden dropped off the laptop is a front for Russian intelligence.

Tucker Carlson shot down Wallace’s lies by announcing on his show that he was provided evidence that proved this was Hunter Biden’s laptop and that the contents were real.

Carlson stated:

“This afternoon, we received nonpublic information that proves conclusively, this was indeed Hunter Biden’s laptop. Period. There are materials on the hard drive of that computer that no one but Hunter Biden could have known about or have replicated. This is not a Russian hoax.

“Again, we’re saying this definitively. We’re not speculating. The laptop in question is real. It belonged to Hunter Biden.”

Russian disinformation is the go-to distraction for the fake news media.

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The same reporters and outlets that Wallace cited as claiming Hunter Biden’s emails were really Russian disinformation were the same media organization that spent three years relentlessly promoting the Russian collusion conspiracy theory and injecting actual Russian disinformation into the American political discourse by amplifying the false claims cooked up by Russian sources in the Christopher Steele dossier.

The bottom line is no one has challenged the authenticity of any aspect of the emails or contents of the laptop in question.

But to Joe Biden defenders like Chris Wallace that does not matter, and Wallace and his pro-Biden comrades in the fake news media just want to run out the clock on the election by distracting the American people with lies.

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