cecile rogers2First class travel. Lavish parties. Exuberant Salaries. Planned Parenthood is living the high-roller lifestyle on the backs of American taxpayers.

In fact, in 2013 alone Parenthood spent a whopping $5.1 million on travel.

Pro-abortion Planned Parenthood has dominated the news lately as undercover sting videos trickled out showing the buying and selling of human baby parts by Planned Parenthood employees.

And recently, when Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards was called before Congress to testify, it was discovered that not only had Planned Parenthood been leaching off the backs of taxpayers to slaughter innocent babies, but in 2013 Richards earned a salary of $520,000 a year.

A $520,000 a year salary for someone who works at a non-profit organization? Something’s up.

And it didn’t stop there.

Fox News reports Rep. Jason Chaffetz , Chairman of the House Oversight Committee publicly accused the organization of spending a big chunk of its budget on non-health care expenses and called into question whether Planned Parenthood needs all the taxpayer funding it receives.

CNN shows a heated Chaffetz calling out Planned Parenthood for who they really are:

“I don’t want to send the money overseas. I don’t want them to be engaged in political activity. I want to fight and win the war on cancer,” he said, his voice rising. “I am tired of getting lectured from these Democrats that try and say that we don’t care about women. That is absolutely offensive.”

This House Oversight Committee Report lists just some of the carless Planned Parenthood spending in full detail:

  • Planned Parenthood spent $5,109,997 on travel in 2013.1 That is nearly $14,000 a day on travel. This does not include affiliate travel expenditures.
  • Affiliates also reported substantial travel expenses. One affiliate spent more than $784,000 in a year.
  • Tax returns show Planned Parenthood books first class or charter travel.
  • In 2011, Planned Parenthood spent $34.8 million to purchase corporate office space two blocks from Madison Square Garden
  • According to their tax returns, Planned Parenthood spent $622,706 on blowout parties in 2012 and 2013, including $125,655 on entertainment, alone.
  • Affiliates routinely host lavish parties. The funding used for one affiliate’s “Gathering of Goddesses and Gods”event or another’s “Chocolate Champagne” and “Murder Mystery” fundraisers could have been used on health services.

Congress needs to defund Planned Parenthood immediately. There are plenty of other organizations who provide real healthcare to low-income women that do not partake in the slaughter of innocent life.

This most recent discovery of the misuse of taxpayer funds by Planned Parenthood execs is further proof the organization is just a sham and does not “save lives.”