15308762797_4b9ae92403_mPower-hungry liberals are cracking down on not smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity among smokers, because they deliver nicotine through water vapor instead of tar-and-carcinogen-laden smoke.
That means while “vaping” still delivers nicotine, it doesn’t deliver dangerous amounts of extra carcinogens, making it safer than cigarettes for smokers and those who would otherwise be exposed to second-hand smoke.

And that has some politicians outraged.

Politicians in states like Wisconsin and Delaware are scrambling to ban vaping in public places, despite the fact it poses no threat to the public.

Their rationale? They claim vaping will encourage people to take up smoking, despite the fact it’s clearly driving down smoking and giving those addicted to nicotine a safer alternative.
The real addiction here isn’t smoking, but political power.

“GlaxoSmithKline Plc is pushing for more stringent regulation of electronic cigarettes, which compete with its Nicorette gum and other smoking cessation products, according to e-mails from a company executive,” Bloomberg News reports. “E-cigarettes, which Euromonitor International Plc estimates will generate $7 billion in sales by the end of this year, compete with quit-smoking products sold by pharmaceutical companies including Glaxo, Johnson & Johnson and Novartis AG.”

“Unfortunately, certain politicians have shown that they are willing to take any opportunity to score political points by attacking smoke-free electronic cigarettes, even if their misinformation may cause harm to smokers by encouraging them to continue to smoke,” Gregory Conley of the Heartland Institute tells US News & World Report.

“No scientific evidence supports banning e-cigarette use where smoking is banned and the legislators’ attempt to even ban e-cigarettes in outdoor environments is especially absurd,” says Conley.

“I’m extremely concerned that a well-intentioned but scientifically unsupported effort like the current proposal to include electronic cigarettes in New York’s current smoking ban, could constitute a giant step backward in the effort to defeat tobacco smoking,” former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona said in a statement opposing the New York City Council’s vape ban.

But the drive to ban vaping just to ban something has a deeper cause – liberalism’s belief that people must be controlled at any cost.

Vape bans don’t benefit health, but they must be imposed so Americans don’t lose their expectation that every private choice be subject to public permission.

By exercising their authority through a ban on safer alternatives to smoking, politicians are making it clear they aren’t trying to protect their health.

They’re showing you they’re the boss, and they’ll control you even if you’re harming no one else.