Bad news for Paul Manafort – Trump’s campaign chairman is now facing indictment after Monday’s charges against him. The charges include: laundering millions of $$$ through shell companies overseas, and then using the millions to purchase toys for himself, like pricey antiques, designer suits, real estate, and high-end automobiles.

Manafort went quietly when caught by the F.B.I, but is pleading not guilty to all charges against him. In addition, Manafort’s long-time associate Rick Gates is also facing similar charges, and turned himself in.

But wait, there’s more. Not more than an hour later, special counsel Robert S. Mueller made an announcement that George Papadopoulos (a previous advisor of foreign policy to Trump’s political campaign) pled guilty for lying to the FBI. He is now in full cooperation with Mueller’s prosecutors.

According to court forms, federal investigators believe that Russian intelligence got in touch with Papadopoulos by using mediators. Allegedly, they made appealing offers of having “dirt” on Hillary Clinton by way of possessing “thousands of emails.”

If found guilty, Manafort could be facing approximately 20 years in prison. His sentence could also reveal how well-known it was that Russia possessed harmful information about Hillary Clinton.

Despite this, President Trump remains confident that Manafort possesses absolutely no information to tarnish his reputation.

So far, Manafort and Gates have pled not guilty, and are currently on house-arrest. Papadopoulos is still waiting for sentencing.

According to Aaron S.J. Zelinsky, one of Mueller’s prosecutors, these events show only a small part of a much larger, ongoing investigation into Trump’s campaign and possible collusion with Russia.