Barack Obama and the globalist cabal negotiated the 200 nation Paris Accords to tackle so called “global warming.”

It was one of his signature “achievements” that would cement globalism as America’s guiding principle.

But Donald Trump just announced a decision that has ruined Barack Obama and the globalists’ day.

During the campaign, Trump promised to “cancel” the Paris climate deal.

He correctly saw that the accords were a backdoor plan to cripple the United States economy at the expense of countries like China and India.

But the global community brought their full weight to bear down on Trump and force him to back down.

The Pope, European leaders, and globalists within the administration pressured Trump to break his word.

But the effort to strip the U.S. of its economic fight has failed.

News has just broken that Trump intends to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord.

Axios reports:

“President Trump has made his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the decision. Details on how the withdrawal will be executed are being worked out by a small team including EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. They’re deciding on whether to initiate a full, formal withdrawal — which could take 3 years — or exit the underlying United Nations climate change treaty, which would be faster but more extreme.

Why this matters: Pulling out of Paris is the biggest thing Trump could do to unravel Obama’s climate legacy. It sends a combative signal to the rest of the world that America doesn’t prioritize climate change and threatens to unravel the ambition of the entire deal.

Trump tweeted that he would announce his decision in the next few days.

If Trump follows through on his word, it will be the most significant blow to Obama’s legacy yet.

His call to put America First begins with energy.

The Paris Accord restricts “greenhouse gas” emissions, which is really a method of strangling economic production.

It’s meant to “level” the playing field between America and the developing world.

That’s what all the hysteria over global warming really is.

The solutions are always government mandates and taxes that punish the successful nations and redistribute their wealth and jobs to the third world.

We will keep you up to date on this developing story.


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