Cub ScoutsHow did you spend hot summer days as a child?

Go ahead, think back…

Probably some of the best times you had involved water; pool parties, water balloons, and water gun fights.

All of those cherished pastimes seem like a great way to cool off and spend the afternoon – unless you’re in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA)!

The target of their ire is directed specifically at water gun fights and water balloons, in the latest sign that not even this once venerable institution is capable of holding out against the PC police.

The BSA now expressly forbids water gun fights; as published as a policy change in the 2015 Boy Scouts of America National Shooting Sports Manual.

Page 99 of the manual states: “Water guns and rubber band guns must only be used to shoot at targets, and eye protection must be worn.”

Well, at least they won’t shoot their eye out!

Water balloons will still be allowed, albeit with severe restrictions to, “small, biodegradable balloons.” The manual then instructed leaders to, “fill them no larger than a ping pong ball.”

A blog for BSA’s adult leaders wrote:

“Why the rule? A Scouter once told me this explanation I liked quite a bit: ‘A Scout is kind. What part of pointing a firearm [simulated or otherwise] at someone is kind?’

“True point.”

That’s right. You’re supposed to believe this new policy is in place because it’s “mean” for one child to shoot another child with a stream of cold, refreshing water on a hot summer’s day.

The commenters on the Scouting Magazine website didn’t seem to think it was as good of a point as the blogger, Bryan Wendell.

This really all comes down to the left wing politicians and media winning the war for America’s future.

Of course, readers will likely remember it was only in 2013 that the BSA succumbed to pressure from the radical left and changed its policies to allow homosexuals to join.

Now just two years later, the organization is advancing a policy that will have the practical effect of conditioning America’s children to accept gun control.

Ironically, a related post on the website trumpeted the “Top 5 Merit Badge Books to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse.” The third book on the list is “Rifle Shooting.”

The post states, “The first rule in gun safety: ‘Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.’The Rifle Shooting merit badge pamphlet reminds you of important safety rules like this in pages 17 to 19. So while you would never point a gun at a human, good news: zombies aren’t human.”

And just how are scouts supposed to learn how to shoot these meandering flesh-eaters? Well, the Guide to Safe Scouting elaborates that, “Scout units may plan or participate in paintball, laser tag or similar events where participants shoot at targets that are neither living nor human representations.”

But as anyone who’s ever been hunting can tell you, shooting a moving target is a lot different than shooting a stationary one.

Just let the kids be kids and have water gun fights!