Since the beginning of his presidency, one of Trump’s major focuses has been undoing the damage that Barack Obama had put into place. And one such example is ending the Obama-era program DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

A six-month delay will be put into place as a result of the decision. According to The Hill:

The six-month window would give Congress a window in which it could step in before the protections expire, one White House official told Politico.

The program’s purpose was to temporarily block deportation of illegal immigrants who were children when brought to America and were seeking work permits.

As a result, approximately 800,000 people have come to the U.S illegally as kids, and they have been reaping the benefits from this program.

Opinions from both sides have been shouting at President Trump for months now, and there has been great controversy over whether cutting the program is the right decision. For example, both Republican and Democrat lawmakers have been asking Trump not to end DACA, saying it’s Congress’s duty to fix.

However, the president also spoke with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who believes that Congress – not the executive branch – should be responsible for immigration law.

Although a formal announcement about the future of the program is to come on Tuesday, it is very likely that Trump will be scrapping the protections DACA provides and ending the program. The president will likely discuss details of the repercussions of this decision at that time.