In Los Angeles, parents can now send their ten-year-olds to a Black Lives Matter “Youth Activist Camp.”

The “camp” is totally free for the children enrolled – paid for by hardworking American taxpayers.

The event was first announced by the Los Angeles Chapter of Black Lives Matter on their Facebook page, and will run in mid-June throughout the day.

The camp is designed to act as an “activist” training arena of sorts, but promises to teach children “social justice campaign and direct action tactics,” as well as the typical public speaking and skill building workshops.

The BLM Facebook page provides more details on the camp, as reported by The Daily Caller:

The Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles youth vanguard is helping to coordinate the summer camp.

“Prior to the start of the camp, we will invite all interested youth participants to a ‘community assembly’ to decide upon curriculum and activities for the week,” the Facebook message explains.

“All youth attendees will be served a breakfast snack, lunch, and afternoon snack.”

The Facebook announcement invites interested youngsters to fill out an online form. The webpage for the form indicates that “BIMLA Youth Activist Camp 2017 Registration is no longer accepting responses.”

The finals words at the end of the Facebook announcement are “EDUCATE * AGITATE * ORGANIZE!!!”

So far, the camp is unsuccessful before it has even begun.

A fundraising appeal has been ineffective, even though the event is supposedly  taxpayer-funded to begin with.

Of the $10,000 requested, the camp has only been successful at raising just $764.

Anthony J. Ratcliff is the mastermind behind the camp, and his efforts are ultimately unsuccessful thus far.

He created the camp in order to be a “critical educator and radical historian.”

The Daily Caller reported:

Ratcliff describes himself as “a critical educator and radical historian” who specializes in “Black feminist theory” and “the impact of colonialism, mass incarceration, and deportation on Hip Hop cultural production.”

“When not in the classroom or mentoring students, Dr. Ratcliff is an organizer with Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles, the People’s Education Movement and the California Faculty Association.”

Ratcliff obtained his doctoral degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the same public school which bestowed a Ph.D. — as well as a graduate degree in advanced feminist studies — upon Melissa Click, the former University of Missouri professor who threatened a student cameraman with mob violence when he tried to cover student protests.

Regardless of Ratcliff’s initial motivations, it is hard to believe any parent would send their child to a summer camp which promotes radical policies and potentially puts their children in a harmful situation.

Though the camp receives federal taxpayer-funding, it hopefully will not gain enough outside donations to come to fruition.

What are your thoughts?

Would you send your child to a summer camp such as this?

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