The racist hate group “Black Lives Matter” is planning nationwide violent insurrection against Donald Trump.

After a physical mob forced Trump to cancel a pre-primary rally in Illinois, where national TV cameras captured protestors throwing punches and storming an arena set to host a Trump rally, “Black Lives Matter” is scheming to double-down by creating unrest at future Trump rallies across the country.

This dangerous group is counting on favorable media coverage, which blames professional troublemakers attending Trump rallies with the sole intention of engaging in violent outbursts against the candidate himself.

This news also confirms Trump’s declaration that the protesters at his rallies are not appearing spontaneously, but that they are an organized effort by the left to discredit the candidate who poses the biggest threat to their culture of victim-hood and grievance politics.

Buzzfeed reports:

“Black Lives Matter” organizers are ramping up their plans to protest Donald Trump through the remainder of the presidential campaign and have begun cobbling together a coalition of civil rights and left-leaning advocacy organizations to bring a larger and more sophisticated movement to bear on the GOP frontrunner — and any politicians or corporations that are aligned with him.

 The effort is in its infancy: A group of activists and strategists held their first conference call to discuss the push Tuesday evening. A second call with national progressive organizations is planned for Thursday evening, sources involved in the discussions said.

 Protesters hope the organization bolsters already massive demonstrations against Trump amid a two-week long stretch of violent and tense confrontations at Trump’s rallies in FayettevilleLouisville, Charlotte, and Chicago.

 The violence of “Black Lives Matter” activists has been well-documented .

And the Obama regime has welcomed the radical group into the White House with open arms.

So the fact that the Obama-backed group with a history of violence is planning to disrupt Trump rallies by any means necessary should be a frightening development in a campaign where the liberal press has bemoaned the “lack of civility.”

And other radical groups are joining “Black Lives Matter” in coordinating attacks at Trump rallies.

Buzzfeed also reports the George Soros-funded is teaming up with professional agitators to disrupt Trump rallies:

Ben Wikler, the Washington director of, which circulated an online petition before the fracas at a Trump rally in Chicago, said Trump is a “five-alarm fire for Democracy,” which is why his group has committed to coordinating marches, calling on people to denounce him and mobilizing voters to cast votes against him. Wikler said a key part of the organizing is coalition building: will engage immigrants, Muslims, undocumented people, and blacks.

 “Really, anyone in Trump’s crosshairs,” he said.

 “It’s an early moment in the national progressive movement, but I think there’s a sense in the progressive world that has been watching in horror but hasn’t yet jumped in the fray that it’s time now to jump in with both feet.”

Liberals are terrified of Donald Trump.

His message of economic populism is catching fire and driving up voter turnout in the Republican primaries.

So because he represents the greatest threat to the left’s grip on power, he must be destroyed.

The media smear campaign didn’t work, so liberals are now reaching into their playbook and digging up their classic tactics of violent riots and insurrection.

But will voters be swayed?

Or will they see Trump standing up to violent protestors?

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