Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder Yusra Khogali is coming under fire for allegedly making a controversial post on Twitter that mentions killing “men and white folks.”

Yusra’s post, which has since been deleted from Twitter — but not before a screenshot was taken to serve as evidence — asks “Allah [to] give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks.”

The concerning remarks were made on February 9th, but still receive public scrutiny after journalists unearthed Yusra’s tweet on her private Twitter account.

According to The Star, Yusra Khogali is a community organizer, “who uses her art as a form of resistance to challenge various forms of Canadian state-sanctioned anti-blackness.”

Yusra led Black Lives Matter activists and other radical black supremacy groups in a two-week standoff against Toronto law enforcement. Demonstrators stormed the streets and have occupied the police headquarters since March 20th.

Protesters are demanding for police to release the name of the law enforcement officer involved in last year’s shooting and killing of a 45-year-old black man.

The officer was not charged following an investigation.

The occupation has also led to the group issuing multiple demands, including “meetings with Mayor John Tory, Police Chief Mark Saunders, and Premier Kathleen Wynne” all of which must be met within 300 hours.

Police have been forced to shut down multiple streets as demonstrators blocked the flow of traffic.

Two menacing signs were plastered on the police headquarters warning: “You are on notice.  Your anti-blackness has been exposed.  We are not finished.”