Bill Clinton just hit a new low, even for him.

As Bill’s former rape victims continue to come forward and speak out on the horrors he put them through, it’s apparent he has caused his victims massive amounts of trauma which they are still living with to this day.

Attempting to hide his shady past, Bill has refused to address his former sexual abuse on women.

On the other hand, Hillary has done the opposite, going so far as to cover for him while she intimidates and threatens his rape victims into silence.

Many Americans are sympathetic to Bill’s rape victims, and are showing up to protest at his speaking engagements as a sign of solidarity to the dozens of women Bill has victimized throughout his political career.

At a recent Hillary campaign event, a rape protestor was beaten by a mob of Hillary supporters and then kicked out of the rally.

The protestor was grabbing the security rail as Hillary supporters beat on him.

At another Florida rally, a rape protestor was forcefully shoved by a Hillary supporter, and then quickly taken out by security.

Even more horrific, Bill Clinton publicly mocked the rape protestor as he was being thrown out of the venue.

The American Mirror reports:

“Clinton was speaking in Fort Myers, Florida Tuesday afternoon when a man wearing a “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt began shouting “rapist” as Clinton was talking.

 As Clinton stopped talking, the camera panned to show the protester being shoved by a Hillary supporter. He could be seen struggling to maintain his footing.

Clinton urged the crowd to cheer for him.

“Give this guy a hand. They have had a terrible week and he’s just gotta do this,” he said.

The protester was grabbed on the arm by a security agent and another person around the shoulder, and forcefully led out.”

Bill’s misguided comment about Trump’s campaign having a “tough week” was a desperate attempt to deflect the attention off the fact he has raped and sexually assaulted dozens of women.

And while Bill mocked the protestor and the Trump campaign for having a “tough week”, his rape victims are still frightened, yet bravely speaking out on how their lives have been ruined by both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

As American Patriot Daily  previously reported, one of Bill’s rape victims, Juanita Broaddrick, is in her 70s and still speaks of the horror Bill and Hillary put her through.

She tweeted:

“I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me and Hillary tried to silence me. I am now 73….it never goes away.”

The mainstream media may ignore Bill’s rape victims, but many Americans have had enough and are showing up at Hillary’s rallies to speak the truth.

As more and more victims speak up, the list of women Bill has assaulted and Hillary has tried to silence continues to grow.

Do you think Bill Clinton should have mocked and kicked out the rape protestors?

Why do you think Bill still refuses to address the issue and come clean?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.