West Virginia legislators pass bill cutting off union bosses’ main source of cash

West Virginia legislators shocked the political world by passing a landmark Right to Work bill on Jan. 21st.

The legislation passed the West Virginia House by a veto-proof majority.  It also passed the West Virginia Senate, but one vote shy of a veto-proof majority.

And West Virginia’s Governor, Earl Ray Tomblin (D) has promised union bosses he will veto the legislation.

Once it became clear the Right to Work legislation would come up for a vote in the Senate, the National Rifle Association offered Senator Daniel Hall (R-Raleigh), a lobbyist position if he would resign his senate seat.

The new vacancy may end up giving Democrats an additional vote in the Senate, because West Virginia law requires a vacated seat to be filled by the same party that represented it – Senator Hall was originally elected as a Democrat, but then switched parties.

The West Virginia Democratic Party is now suing the Senate to make sure the seat is replaced with a Democrat.

The passage of Right to Work legislation is a sign of just how badly union bosses have watched their political power diminish at the state level.

What’s ironic is that the union bosses did it to themselves.

The largest source of funding for labor unions is the union dues from workers who had no choice but to join in order to get a job or keep a job.

And labor unions are the single major source of funding for liberal campaigns and causes.

The union thugs took forced dues from West Virginia coal miners and as soon as that money was deposited into their bank accounts used it to elect radical liberal politicians who then imposed extreme environmental regulations on coal mining, in turn eliminating coalminer’s jobs, which ultimately stopped the cash cow of forced union dues all together.

In a nutshell:  workers’ union dues financed the election of politicians like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama who then imposed regulations eliminating those same union workers’ jobs.
The result?

Democrats have destroyed West Virginia by biting the hand that feeds it.

And the unions have become so powerless they can no longer threaten enough legislators to oppose Right to Work.

After Governor Tomblin’s veto, the future of union bullies in West Virginia could come down to whether Democrats can convince a judge to fill the vacated Republican seat with a Democrat.