Decades ago in public schools and colleges, co-ed social gatherings were rare, and always carefully monitored and chaperoned.  Fast-forward to our present day, and we have a “do what you want, when you want” society where the federal government goes over the heads of parents to blur, or downright eradicate, gender lines — and completely wipe traditional values from our schools.

If American parents are concerned about how President Obama’s transgender bathroom laws will affect their children at school, there is plenty more worry where that came from.

The transgender bathroom debate recently touched the life of every parent when Obama mandated that public schools must allow transgender children to use the restrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity.

With  Obama reworking the Title Nine laws — those prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation for any educational facility receiving federal funds — the slippery slope which began by allowing men in women’s restrooms is now  jumping off the cliff into much darker territory.

Now, the guidelines of the administration’s decree are being further explored as to how they will affect American children and young adults in other areas of their educational experience.

During overnight class or group trips, school administrators must now allow males and females to share hotel rooms if a particular student chooses to identify as the other gender.

College students living in campus housing must now be allowed to room with –live every day with — those of the gender with which they identify.  And the school is not allowed to disclose the gender, or gender identity, of a student’s roommate to either the student or their parents ahead of time.

LifeSiteNews reports on the law under Title Nine as mandated by the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education:

 …as far as the Justice Department and the Dept. of Education are concerned, a student becomes a member of the opposite sex the moment he feels like it. The instant he tells school officials about his decision, they must immediately treat him accordingly.

That’s it. The student doesn’t have to meet any other conditions to change his sex – in fact, school districts are prohibited from setting any. “Under [the Obama administration’s unilateral rewriting of] Title IX, there is no medical diagnosis or treatment requirement that students must meet as a prerequisite to being treated consistent with their gender identity,” the letter says.

That clarifies – mandates, really – that a student doesn’t have to have surgery, take hormone treatments, or present himself in any way as a member of the opposite sex.

This normalization of transgenderism increasingly tramples on traditional family values, and even if those traditional values are taught at home, American schoolchildren and young adults will have to face a double-standard when it comes to what makes them feel comfortable and safe.

Unlike the adult population’s ability to boycott stores like Target for their transgender bathroom policy, American children are a captive audience in their schools — and are quickly losing their innocence by facing issues beyond their control.