Sanders is desperate to keep his followers from going over to Donald Trump.

There’s a real storm brewing that Democrats are desperate to avoid.

Bernie Sanders made a pact with Biden to keep this giant scandal from getting out.

Many Bernie voters switched over to Trump when it came time for the general election, and Democrats are desperate not to have that happen again.

Hillary Clinton was such an unappealing candidate that many Democrats couldn’t bring themselves to vote for her.

Biden was chosen for his appeal to minorities but he’s doing his best to get rid of that advantage.

Joe Biden’s condescending remarks to African Americans recently went viral. “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,”he said in an interview on “The Breakfast Club.”

Biden should have an advantage with women voters, but Tara Reade’s allegations are making it hard for him to win over voters there.

Ilhan Omar, a Sanders supporter, said that she believes Reade’s claims that Biden sexually assaulted her.

Joe Biden is falling apart; the media and Democrats are just hoping that they can keepthe scandals to a minimum.

That’s why Bernie Sanders is making all his delegates sign a pledge saying that they won’t bash Biden, including a loyalty pledge and a social media policy.

“The Sanders campaign sent out the 5-page agreements that threaten delegates can be removed the delegation should they violate any provisions,” HuffPost said, citing the Washington Post. “The campaign also asks signatories to ‘refrain from making negative statements about other candidates, party leaders, Campaigns, Campaign staffers, supporters, news organizations or journalists.’”

However much Bernie Sanders may personally hate Biden, the Democrat Party always works to protect their own.

During the debates, none of the candidates used the best attacks against Biden.

Biden said that 150 million people had died of gun deaths since 2007 in the middle of a Democrat debate and not a single person corrected him, even though he claimed that half the American population had died due to guns.

Democrats are so terrified about Trump winning reelection that they’re all friends for now.

Sanders warned his delegates: “Before tweeting or posting from your personal social media accounts, ask yourself these questions: If this appeared on the front page of The New York Times, would it compromise Bernie Sanders’s message, credibility, or reputation?”

While Bernie Sanders has no shot at being president now, he may be hoping to use his influence to push the future Democrat Party left.

“This Campaign is about the issues and finding solutions to America’s problems. Our job is to differentiate the senator from his opponents on the issues — not through personal attacks,” the pledge continued.

If Trump wins the election, the Supreme Court will in all likelihood be solidly conservative for twenty years.

The radicals need to win now if they want to have any chance of winning at all.

That’s why it is more important than ever for Trump to win in November.