An ad was recently released containing a statement by a war hero who condemned the hypocritical actions of the Democratic Party.

Democratic senators had been planning to delay the confirmation of a Trump appointee, making the claim they were only acting in the interest of the American people.

But one particular individual wanted the Democratic Party to know how ignorant they were for believing so.

In response to the Democrat’s plan to hold the Senate floor for the confirmation hearing of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education, the ad was released to make a statement against their hypocrisy of claiming to “help” the American people, when they actually ignore their call for help.

Mark Geist, a Benghazi survivor, wants everyone to know what hypocrites the Democrats are for claiming to “help” people, yet so many have died specifically because of their lack of “help”.

Breitbart News reports:

I know the truth about Benghazi, I was there, fighting alongside five Americans who were all raised to believe that if you have a chance to save someone’s life and you don’t try, that’s more criminal than anything else. So we fought for 13 hours and we saved lives. But we are not unique. We are no different than the Americans who ran back into those crumbling towers or the Americans who tackled the armed terrorist on that French train. Or the many faceless, nameless Americans who every day risk their lives for perfect strangers, trapped in burning cars or dangerous waters, because if they didn’t no one would.

Similarly, Mark Geist and two of his fellow survivors of the Benghazi attack also appeared in an interview denouncing the acts of Hillary Clinton during that fateful event.

Geist and his cohorts are working to further expose this major criminal cover-up, and their continual social presence is helping to bring the criminal acts of Democrat leaders to light.

Geist claims Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who were Secretary of State and President at the time, knew of all the happenings at Benghazi that day.

They chose to do nothing else other than stay quiet while Americans were dying halfway across the world.

Now Mark Geist is trying to make a stand, along with his fellow soldiers, against the hypocrisy and corruption of the entire Democratic Party.

The Political Insider reports:

“They knew they had to violate their orders and defy the wishes of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to save lives on that fateful night.

It’s clear from their interview that the Obama White House and the Secretary of State knew exactly what was going on, and yet they chose to lie about the attack for months. Clinton tried to blame the attack on a YouTube video. This was a major cover-up and a massive foreign policy error that resulted in deaths.”

And just 16 minutes after the ad was released, Chuck Schumer proved Geist’s points are right as he replied on social media that Democrat senators were supposedly still pushing to stop Betsy DeVos’ confirmation hearing.

His post also claimed the American people were rallying against the GOP to stop her as well.

But once again, the liberal lies continued, as shortly after, Betsy DeVos was confirmed by the Senate as Secretary of Education.

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